Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Is Here!

Where's Daddy??
The weather today made me feel like it was officially fall!  It rained all night and all morning and brought a cold front with it.  Spring is my favorite season but Fall comes in at a close second.  I love the break we get from the intense heat and humidity that we get here in KY (I know it's nothing compared to some places but this summer was pretty brutal at times) and though I am not a football fan, I do enjoy the football atmosphere.  I have always liked living in a place that has all four seasons and am always ready for the season change when it comes.  This time last year, we had just come home from our last big vacation alone together, had recently found out that Ayden was a boy and were busy registering for our upcoming showers and preparing the nursery.  It is hard to believe that was only a year ago because it has gone so fast yet sooo much has happened!

Busted out a long sleeve onsie
(our tiny wonder finally fits into 6-9 month clothing at almost 8 months old)
Today wasn't quite as productive as yesterday but it was still a good day.  Ayden is going through a phase where he has what seem to be little nightmares often at night.  He'll start crying or whimpering in his sleep just long enough to wake me up and then he stops.  He started doing it during the last couple of nights of our vacation and is still doing it.  It was funny that right after David and I discussed it, we read in the Wonder Weeks app that nightmares and sleep disturbances are a common occurrence for the current "leap" he is making.  He's just developing so fast and his little brain goes into overdrive while he sleeps.  It makes us tired but we just have to weather the storm!

I also made it back to pick up my bride's maid's dress today and it was perfect!  The wedding is just over two weeks away and we are getting so excited for our friends!

It has pockets! Also, picture nude pumps on my feet :)
Ayden did much better this time than he did when I dropped off the dress.  I did have to spend a while scouring every inch of the dressing room for straight pins since he seemed to be on a mission to find and eat them all.  He was awake and happy when we got there, though, and didn't spit up a single time!

In the waiting room at the alteration shop.
I also made it to my TurboKick class tonight.  The instructor got some new choreography!  The change up was fun and the workout made me SWEAT!  It takes a lot to make me drip with sweat and I was definitely dripping by the end.  It also reminded me of how being active energizes you.  It's funny how the last thing you feel like doing when you are tired or dragging is exercise.  We end up resorting to a caffeine fix when all we really need is a good dose of endorphins!  Sleep and activity are the best cures for exhaustion.

I always feel like the change of seasons is like starting a new chapter.  Now that Fall is upon us, I think it is a good time to reflect and set some goals:

We have a lot of items in our garage that need to go!  We have a ton of text books we are going  to attempt to sell on Amazon or Ebay, some items for the Goodwill that just need to be documented before we can take them for tax purposes, and some picture frames that I purchased a while ago that need to be painted, filled with pictures and hung.

We have some yard work and staining that needs to be done.  Bushes trimmed, grass seed/fertilizer, some pretty mums to spruce up the place.  Our house is still on the market and curb appeal is important!  Also, our backyard fence, deck and bench need to be stained.

We would like to make it to an orchard at least a couple of times.  I'd like to get some great pictures of Ayden in the pumpkin patch and would like to make our own apple butter, apple sauce and baked apples.  Perhaps even venture into a little bit of canning?  That may be a little too much to shoot for this year so that detail may have to be postponed until next year...

We would also love to go hiking and camping as much as possible.  It seems that the window for such activities is pretty short so we need to take advantage while the weather is perfect for it.

Last but not least, we have NO idea what Ayden will be for Halloween and we are open to suggestions!  I would love to make his costumes if possible.  My mom always made most of mine, or at least got creative in putting stuff together for them and I'd like to do the same.  Not only is it cheaper, which I'm pretty sure is why my mom always did it, but the costumes will be more unique and will give me an excuse to get crafty.

There you have it, there is always aTON to do around here but those are our main goals to accomplish this Fall.  Do you make seasonal goals?  Do share!

NOTE: The pictures have now been added to Saturday's post be sure to go back and check them out!


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