Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pool Day

Today was our first full day of vacation! We spent the morning lazing around our room and taking a walk around the resort. There are basket ball, shuffle board, beach volleyball and tennis courts; a mini golf course, swimming pools, etc. We found a playground but were disappointed to find that there weren't any baby swings. Don't lots of people travel with babies? They like having fun things to do too!

After lunch, we lathered our little love up with sunscreen and headed to the pool. We spent some time in the baby pool at first:

Then we ventured to the lazy river. Ayden was happy to just hang out in the tubes with us. I am really loving how he is content to play by himself when we need him to but is also a bit of a lap baby. At least that's how he is at the moment. They are always growing and changing and we always seem to love whatever stage he is in. 

Speaking of fun stages, Ayden waved all day and was also trying to feed David some apple. He's totally becoming a little kid right before our eyes.

After all that fun in the sun Ayden was tuckered. He took a nice, long nap poolside while I read Mocking Jay to David. It was so relaxing but we did wish there was shade around for Ayden. I'm not overly cautious about many things as a first time mother but sun burns are no joke so I'm constantly worried about mid-day sun exposure, sunscreen or not. Here was the solution that David came up with to ease my mind:

Ayden slept well so it must not have bothered him.

When we got back we showered and then went on a search for some wifi. We found a Target with a Staubucks but surprisingly, the free wifi that my computer found was from the Lowe's next door and it was even faster than ours at home! All of yesterday's pictures are up so be sure to go check them out! I would have liked to have used it to get this post up with pictures but it was getting late and my boys were getting tired and hungry. Now we know where to go, though, so I'll link back to posts as I get a chance to get the pictures in.

We made one of my new favorite meals for dinner: grilled spicy honey chicken, honey-lime butternut squash and roasted brussels sprouts. We called the front desk to see if they provided grilling utensils and they sent up plastic salad tongs and a regular plastic kitchen spatula. I wished David luck and sent him on his way. It all turned out a bit differently than it does at home but was still delicious!

Now Little Man is fast asleep in the bedroom and David and I have a date night planned in the living room. Ayden slept like a rock star last night and we are hoping for a repeat tonight so David and I can have lots of time together.

Tomorrow will be Ayden's first time at the beach! There is something so exciting about the thought of witnessing him seeing something so magnificent for the first time.


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