Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daydream Come True

Day three of our Myrtle Beach vacation was another great day!  Ayden and I are really enjoying all of the time we get to spend with David.  We are definitely getting spoiled and will miss him when he goes back to work after we get home!

Ayden had fun sliding with Daddy this morning.
After another rockstar morning nap together (while David went to the gym),

Funny napping pose...

 we spent the day at the pool today.

Headed to the pool!
 Perhaps we'll alternate pool and beach days?  The beach is so fun but to be honest, it's a lot of work lugging all of the "stuff," then dealing with sand getting everywhere, etc. so we won't be going everyday.  We enjoyed the lazy river and Ayden had fun standing in the baby pool.  There was a step that was the perfect height for him.  We took our beach umbrella and set it up on one of the chairs which took away all of my worries about Ayden getting too much sun.

My boys enjoying some shade.
After the pool we had an early dinner then headed to Broadway At the Beach.  

Headed out.  Ayden was mid chomp on a black olive slice :) He LOVES them!
 The last time we were at Broadway At the Beach was right after we found out we were pregnant with our molar pregnancy so we spent our time during that vacation daydreaming about what it would be like the next time we came and had our baby with us.  It was fun to actually be living out those day dreams, especially after everything we went through to get here! 

Ayden was such a trooper and I'm sure that the fact that there was so much to hear and see all around helped occupy him.

  By the time we left it was bedtime and he fell asleep soon after we pulled out of the parking lot.  We needed to get back to the RedBox from which we rented The Hunger Games last night and lucky for me they had free wifi that I could access from the parking lot.  I inserted all of the beach pictures from yesterday's post and went ahead and downloaded all of these pictures.  It feels great to have all of the pictures in place as I am about to publish today's post! 

When we got back, Ayden woke up, which was good because I had to get him ready for bed, but then proceeded to have a melt down as I was changing his diaper.  Then his nose was all stuffy from crying which made him frustrated when he tried to nurse.  I am learning very quickly that nursing while he's that upset just isn't an option for him anymore.  The stuffy nose just makes him more upset and he bites me out of frustration.  Now that he has 4 working teeth it is no bueno! Then, he'd get even more frustrated because he was wanting to nurse but couldn't so his melt down quickly escalated.  David had to step in and did a wonderful job of walking Ayden around, talking to him about various stuff around us and reading him Brown Bear which distracted and calmed him enough for his nose to clear.  Then he nurse right to sleep.  Going with the flow is great while on vacation but it does take a little toll on a baby.  Ayden has been very adaptable but we couldn't expect to get through the whole vacation without a meltdown or two since things are pretty far from our usual routine.  We made it through though and it was just one more experience that made me appreciate my partner in all of this that much more!


We aren't really sure what we plan to do tomorrow.  Pool?  Beach?  I suppose we'll just wait until tomorrow to see what we are in the mood for.  It's part of what we love about vacationing alone.  No plans are just as great as lots of plans as far as we are concerned!

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