Friday, September 28, 2012

Mr. Social

Daddy's morning picture!
We had a house showing from 2-3 today so I spent the day getting our house back into shape. When we had those two back to back showings, we kept our house in tip top shape for a while; but then we had a lull in showings and went back to our old, lazy habits of letting papers pile up on the kitchen table, clothes pile up on the chair in our room, etc.

I am proud to say that I prioritized, stuck to my plan and managed my time very well. Here is what Ayden was doing while I changed the sheets on our bed:

I set him up to play with some different balls and got to work. Then I heard his little guinea pig squeak laugh so I looked up to find him peering up over the side of the bed, obviously finding it hilarious. SOOO adorable, I just love that kid!

Ayden got in an hour long morning nap in his crib, during which I got ready, we had lunch when he woke up, completed a few finishing touches and were out of the house by 1:50. The best part was that there wasn't any stress at all. Go me!

Trying out the Didymos hip hold while I cleaned
While I was cleaning, I found my old 1" curling iron in a bag under my bed. I had been trying to curl my hair with a bigger one (maybe 2"?) and it would always fall out really quickly and get frizzy. I don't know what magic is in a smaller barrel but I was so happy with how the curls turned out today!  I used it curling wand style (aka, didn't use the clamp) and like the more natural look that method gave the loose curls.

I also found an outfit on Pinterest this morning that incorporated pieces that I already had in my wardrobe but had never thought to pair together (only my colors were reversed as you can see above).

Inspiration Outfit
Yay for actually using Pinterest!  I am really enjoying the extra time Ayden is giving me to get ready because I like being girly.

To kill time during the hour of the showing, we went to Kroger for some bank business and to pick up some household items and dog bones that we can't get during our weekly trips to Whole Foods. We also went to Target to pick up a few things for Ayden. Since he has mastered the straw, I wanted to get some of those BPA free cups with straws/lids for morning smoothies and to keep at grandparents houses and such. I also got some more Boogie Wipes because they have been great while Ayden battles his first runny nose. I don't want him to despise having his nose wiped and the fact that they are moist, pleasantly scented and non-toxic really helps. He is much more patient for my boogie digging and nose wiping when I use Boogie Wipes than he is if I try to use a tissue or wet wash cloth.

Ayden seems to have grown accustomed to people stopping to smile and say hi to him because he smiles and looks expectantly to everyone who passes us. Most of them gave his predicted response and stopped to interact with him. One man surprised Ayden, though, and walked by without so much as a glance. Ayden kept smiling at the man's back as he walked away, because surely he'd come back to say hi. But when he didn't, Ayden's smile fell as he watched the man walk away, probably wondering why it didn't go according to plan. It was super cute! Whenever people do stop to say hi, or even walk by, and are greeted with Ayden's huge open-mouthed smile, they always say, "My! What a happy baby!" or "Is he always this happy?" Those who know Ayden well know that he has intense emotions across the spectrum. If he is happy, he is SOOO happy! But if he is mad, you had better watch out. He is like his daddy in this way and such passion will take him far. Ayden is lucky to have a dad who will know first hand how to teach him to keep his temper in check, and love like there is no tomorrow. I also feel so lucky to now have two men in my life to love me so fiercely. Not a day will pass for the rest of my life that isn't filled with love and that means that I am set because love is all you need.

Mr.  Social
Wouldn't you stop and say hi too?!?
When we got home from our errands, we played while I did small chores like folding towels while we waited for David to get home. Ayden gets super excited for his homecoming now, which is awesome! The problem is that after David greets us, he likes to change clothes and do a couple of routine, wind down tasks (dump the compost bucket, go through the mail, etc) but once David is home, Ayden is ready to play immediately.

We had dinner and David rode his bike to pick up a RedBox DVD for a little date night while I gave Ayden his bath and got him to sleep. We are going hiking again tomorrow! I can't wait to be out in the fresh air. We are going to take our DSLR so maybe I can get some of those pictures on here for tomorrows post.


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