Monday, September 17, 2012


Daddy's morning picture :)
Today was pretty close to my ideal kind of stay-at-home mom day. There was a perfect mix of productivity, napping, play time, me time and even a couple of errands.

We were up for the day at 7:15. Between waking and morning nap time, I completed my morning routine: diaper change, clothing change for me (have to be "presentable-ish" to walk the dog), load of laundry in, bed made, dishwasher unloaded, dog walked and shower taken. Ayden was ready for his nap a little early and went down in his crib for an hour around 10am or so. I always time it I where I put him down for his nap right after I shower so I can finish getting ready while he sleeps. Not only did I have time to get ready but I finished unpacking all of my toiletries from vacation and re-painted my fingernails! The fingernail painting was risky business since he could have woken at any time leaving me with wet, half painted nails but today was my lucky day!

Awake and happy after a nice long (for him) nap.
When Ayden woke up, we left to run our errands. When we returned, we had some play time together and then Ayden had some independent play while I took some hobby time which is a rarity!  Here are a few clips from our playtime today.  Who needs toys when you have a mommy to tackle??

Ayden's afternoon nap was next, which he took in his crib again for over an hour. He woke somewhere in the middle there but was crying which is a sign that a baby did not get enough sleep so I got him back to sleep. While he napped, I imported some pictures and beach footage from our vacation and got started on a batch of kale chips.

Ayden woke around 5:00 or so, and David was due home from his CrossFit workout between 5:30 and 6, so we got dinner started. Ayden was SO excited when David got him. It was adorable! I think our week together bonded us all even more so I'd call it a successful vacation. We ate pizza stir fry for dinner then took a family walk in the rain.

Busted out the rain gear...
When we got back, the boys had some guitar time while I cleaned the kitchen and then it was bedtime for Ayden.

Since we got back, I've been starting Ayden's night in his crib again and have to admit, it's nice for David and me to be able to snuggle and read together in our bed alone for a little bit before Ayden joins us. We were just starting him out in our bed and hanging out downstairs until we were ready to go to sleep but if Ayden woke, I'd have to sprint up the stairs for fear that Ayden would scale the pillow barriers and fall off the bed. We know him, though, and he fusses and wiggles around in one sleepy, disoriented spot for a bit before he's coordinated enough to move anywhere. Just the same, we never wanted to take chances and would always get to him as quickly as possible. Him being in his crib when we aren't with him is definitely safer so I'm glad it seems to be working a little better for him now. Another interesting bedtime occurrence was that he didn't nurse to sleep, which is a first since I abandoned my sleep training efforts. He nursed until he was very sleepy but actually fell asleep with me patting his huge diaper booty and shushing. It will be interesting to see what that evolves into or if it was just a one time thing. Yet another answer that only time will tell. Parenthood seems to be full of things like that...

Off to end this awesome day with some paleo apple crisp for dessert. I would link to a recipe but I'm proud to say it is my own delicious creation.

The pictures and video are in Sunday's Post!  Be sure to go back and check them out.


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