Saturday, September 22, 2012

Play Date!!

We had our first play date today! It is interesting that it fell on the day of my 10 year reunion because the hostess not only had her baby just a week or two after I had Ayden, but she also graduated with me.

We listened to the rest of the University of KY football game on the way and since it was such a beautiful day we had the windows down and were soaking up the fresh air. Yet another reason why Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons! Summer is too hot and Winter is too cold and you never get a whole lot of fresh air. Ayden must have enjoyed the fresh air too because he peacefully fell asleep just a few minutes after we got him into the car (why can't he do that on a real road trip??).

It was a play date sponsored by Fisher Price so there were lots of fancy toys to play with. Of course Ayden wanted to put everything in his mouth. We tried to keep him from it for a little while but, like the sand on our vacation, there was no stopping him. We stayed for about an hour and a half and he did great! He got fussy for a little while after another, bigger kiddo stood on his foot but cheered up after a while.

We left and went straight to the grocery and the rest of the night will be dinner, getting ready for my reunion and getting Ayden settled with my parents. Last night was rough and despite my efforts to nap with Ayden this morning, I am exhausted. I shall write all about out big date tomorrow!

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