Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 Months Old

Our little love turned 3 months old today!!

 To celebrate, we had his 3 month photo shoot (which we did ourselves, photos to come) and only took a few 10-15 minute naps. Yep, you read it right. No king of all naps today which made for a super tired, super fussy day. We just can't seem to keep him in his weekday groove on the weekends. We definitely tried to get him to nap but he just fought and fought. Oh well... Tomorrow's a new day!

After his photo shoot and a couple of tiny cat naps we headed to our home town for a cookout at David's parent's house. My parents were there with my sister's kids, as well as David's brother, his wife and her parents. It was nice to see Ayden with his uncle since the last time they were in was right after his birth. Though the night was a lot of fun, and Ayden actually rallied pretty nicely by the end, we stayed an hour or two too long for me. I got super tired, a bit dehydrated which left me feeling like I was in a fog and gave me a headache. It feels so good to be home and ready for bed now but I fear tomorrow will be just as hectic. No rest for the weary. I suppose...

As for 3 month milestones, we are so proud of our little boy!

As I've said before, we only use these lists for reference. All babies develop at different times but it's good to have an idea about what skills to look for and encourage.

Ayden is doing everything on the list above only he hasn't yet rolled all the way over one way.  He rolls to both sides and back, and has even helicoptored around on his play mat by doing so, but hasn't made it over to his stomach from his back or vise versa.  There are even a couple of accomplishments from the 4 month list that he's already achieved including using his hands to raise his chest off the ground during tummy time and bringing objects to his mouth.  Like I said, he seems to be right on track in all areas and we are so proud! :)  Here is his monthly snapshot:

3 months old
click here to see month 1
click here to see month 2
He just gets cuter and cuter and we fall more and more in love everyday!  Here's hoping that todays nap schedule (or lack there of) won't make tonight too rough...  We're off to bed!


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