Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never Too Young

We started the day off working hard with tummy time.

Look who's using his arms to support himself! :)
Then we finally made it to story time!!
Never too young for story time!!
It went really well!! His favorite song was Peas Porridge Hot. He was serious the whole time until we got to that song during which he smiled the whole time. He was getting sleepy by the end but we made it the whole 30 minutes without a single fuss! We'll definitely be going back :)

According to FlyLady, today was errand day so run errands we did! I had gift cards to Target, Gymboree, Bath & Body Works and an item to exchange at Babies R us so I got to indulge in some retail therapy without spending any actual money... Always a plus!!

Ayden was in the best mood at Target. I would stop the cart to consider an item and then I'd hear his adorable little raspberry sound. I'd look up to see him smiling at me expectantly, ready to play our new little game. Love <3.

 I timed our stop at Babies R Us so we could take advantage of the comfy Mother's Room. We exchanged a duplicate Sophie giraffe that someone recently gave us for one of the smaller Sophie teethers. He liked it because it's so easy for his little hands to hold onto. Last stop was the mall where I got Ayden some cute new summer jammies at Gymboree and some soap and candles at Bath and Body Works. My mom was already at our house when we got home and we made the camera strap covers I was talking about. They turned out SOOO cute!

Getting in on the action!

The finished product!  So cute:)
 David's brother and his wife are coming in from D.C. for a visit this weekend; so tomorrow will be filled with a lot of running around in preparation. I'm off to bed!

 What's your favorite retail therapy?


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  1. I love fly lady! I shine my sink every night before bed lol!