Monday, April 30, 2012

The Return Of the Hourly Night Grunts...

You probably guessed it from the title of this post...  We didn't get much sleep last night.  Ayden is in his 15th week and I just keep remembering what my midwife told me, "Look for growth spurts every 3 weeks..."  Here's hoping the hourly grunts don't last a whole week this time but if they do, at least I'll know there's an end in sight!

We've recently noticed a few new developments for our little man!  

1)  He seems to be developing the beginnings of object permanence.  I'll notice that if he's tracking me across the room and I walk around behind him, he turns his head and waits for me to come into his line of vision on the other side.  

2)  He is definitely starting to distinguish David and I from other people.  We always felt that he knew us and felt more comfortable with us than others but now he just lights up when he sees us.  Talk about heart melting!  Here is the face he gives us after he hasn't seen us in a while:

When he saw me after I stepped out of the shower.
Biggest smile ever, so stinkin' cute!
3)  Okay... This one's kinda crazy but I'd swear that he helped me turn the pages in a couple of his books today.  I'd been using hand over hand with him to turn pages for a couple of weeks now.  Today I just got the pages ready by separating them from the others and he would totally push it over time and time again. Call me crazy but I got video to prove it!  If I ever get it off of the camcorder I'll include it in a future post.  If he's not actually turning the pages, he's beginning to understand that books are something to touch and manipulate. So cool!

Today was a Little Miss day.  I was worried that it was going to be a very rough day for me after how little sleep I got last night, especially once I realized I wouldn't be able to synchronize their naps, but I barreled through and made it!

Ready to walk Little Miss to sleep :)

It was brought to my attention after yesterday's post that Ayden may be in the beginning stages of teething and I think that's right.  He constantly has his hands, or anything else he can find, in his mouth and is a little clingy and fussy one minute and then his happy usual self the next.  I think this teething process is going to be a little rough on us all but we'll make it through!

Because he was a bit clingy today, I wore him a lot.  It was very hot so I tried leaving his little legs out of the Moby and he loved it.  For some reason it was more comfortable for me too, I suppose since his knees weren't pressing into my stomach, so I think we'll start doing it that way from now on.

Little Miss took a VERY long nap today which was amazing.  It helped me make it through the day!  When she woke up, we had lunch and then took a little field trip to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store.  It was fun to talk to them and point out all of the colors around us.  We even talked about how the produce felt cold, etc.  Even the grocery store can be a learning environment!

When David got home, he walked straight to our sound system, hooked up his iPod, started a slow song and asked me to dance.  I was wearing Ayden in the Moby so the three of us swayed to the music and we smooched a little.  We both had long, tiring days and it was such a nice way to greet one another. David said that the song came on in his shuffle on the way home and it made him think of me and that's why he did it.  He's so romantic <3...  

For dinner, I made what was supposed to be David's birthday dinner (I went to make it last night only to realize that we didn't have a couple of the ingredients...).  He went on and on about how delicious it was which always makes me feel good!  I told him I secretly didn't have the ingredients on purpose so that we could stretch his birthday out for a third day.  He didn't seem to mind that one bit :).

David is already asleep next to me now and as he was saying goodnight he told me I am the love of his life and said, "we haven't lost our relationship at all, have we?" and he's right.  I remember, when I was pregnant, that was one of my main concerns.  As apposed to what challenges that becoming a mother may bring, I was more worried about growing apart from David, since so many couples seem to when they become parents.  We are sticking to the whole, "the best gift you can give your child is keeping your relationship #1"mentality and I truly believe that we've been able to do just that thus far.  

Life is so good :).


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