Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sink Is Shining

His cheeks and chin are getting so chubby <3.
Nothing too exciting to report today...

I've really been enjoying the FlyLady website and all that it has to offer.  In just 3 days our house already looks (and is staying) amazing and I actually feel like I have a handle on it all.

My sink is shining!!
(FlyLady's first order of operations...)
Today was "anti-procrastination day".  It was great for "someone" to tell me to tackle a few things I had been putting off.  I finally addressed the last of the thank you notes that had been waiting on my desk (crazy how the baby gifts keep coming in...), called the exterminator to come help us with a little ant problem and sent out reminder emails/Facebook messages to all of the folks who haven't yet RSVPd to David's birthday party.  Feels nice to cross those little nagging things off the list :).

Little Miss joined us today.

It was a beautiful day so we took a morning walk and then after naps and lunch headed out again for some sidewalk chalk and another walk.  Little Miss slept for two hours today!  During the second walk I put Ayden in the Moby and she held my hand and walked with me.  Needless to say that walk was just down our street a little ways and back...

We also had fun observing the new furry friend that seems to has moved into our back yard.  Last weekend David noticed all of these little circular flat spots filled with rabbit poop all around the back yard. Apparently this little bunny nests in all kinds of spots and feels right at home.  I just hope Maverick never catches up to it...

I think we'll call it Peter Cotton-tail...
Since our evenings have been a bit akward (Ayden is always getting sleepy/fussy while we are trying to make/cook dinner), I decided to have dinner ready soon after David got home.  Here are the before and after shots of our Turkey and Vegetable Meatballs:

Looks a little prettier before, huh?
We topped them with some spaghetti sauce and nutritional yeast and added a side salad.  It was delicious!  (A little cooking secret... add a little maple syrup to your spaghetti sauce!!  It adds a whole new dimension.)

Having dinner that early really took the stress out of the evening!  

My mom is coming over tomorrow to give me a sewing lesson and is leaving her extra sewing machine with me to borrow.  The first project on the agenda are a couple of these cute double sided camera strap covers for my DSLR! Then we're headed to the mall for some birthday shopping.  :)

Do you sew?  What's your favorite project?


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  1. I have wanted to make a colorful fun camera strap for my canon but haven't got around to it.

    My Mom bought me a sewing machine a few years back and I've used it to make a birthday banner for my son and also I made a few toothfairy pillows for nieces/nephews... or hemmed some clothes here and there.

    I'm hoping to make this soon: