Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking the Plunge

I read a very powerful blog post! You have to read it and pass it along to anyone who is or will be a parent:

I was EXHAUSTED today... And to top it off Little Miss was here so I wasn't free to nap whenever Ayden did (though I did finally get them both to sleep at the same time for a group nap...)

I spent some time pouring over all of his little details while he slept...
I keep reminding myself about what my midwife told me about growth spurts happening every three weeks. Ayden is currently in his 12th week so maybe this recent change in sleep habits is due to an impending spurt of growth?? He always sleeps for an average of 4 hours for his first sleep session but lately he's been waking every hour after that. I'll put him down after his first night time feeding and about an hour later, the grunting starts. I always try to wait a minute to see if he's just readjusting. When the grunting continues I try rocking his bed a little and when the grunting begins to escalate to little cries I pick him up and take him into his nursery to rock him back to sleep. He's not wanting to eat every time so I have no idea what's causing it.  As a matter of fact except for that first 4 hour sleep session at night he's been eating every 2.5 to 3 hours around the clock for the past week or so. Like I was saying, growth spurt?  Maybe it's comfort?

Ayden has been napping so well in his crib and I am so desperate to move him back toward the 5 hour sleep direction that we're going to take the plunge and try having him sleep in his crib in his room tonight. We removed the bumper and all toys as well as set up the video and Angel Care monitors (the Angel Care monitor is an under-the-mattress motion detector that is sensitive enough to detect breathing. It sounds an alarm if it doesn't sense anything for 10 seconds or more). I figure I can always just bring him back to our room if either of us need it. Fingers crossed for a great night, though!

We have Ayden's 2 month appointment tomorrow which means his first shots... I've been having so much anxiety over it :(. I just can't bare the thought of him crying in pain. I'll probably shed more tears than him. David's going with us and plans to take the rest of the afternoon off work. That should cheer us all up!

Who could let this little man cry?!?
Does your baby sleep in his/her own room? When did it start? Was it a tough transition?



  1. i wanted to keep my son in our room until 3 months. but at 2 months when he became a crazy mover in his sleep, and the cradle became too narrow, we moved him into his crib in his room. the transition went really well. he took to it right away. but the crib also wasnt a suprise to him either. we had him in there multipal times a day even if it was to just play with the mobile. since ayden naps in the day during there im sure he will do fine. he might be waking up a lot at night because he is finding his little bed too snug now. usually around this age babies enjoy to strech whenever they please while sleeping. you never know, he might become an even better sleeper while in his crib.

  2. You know sarah I read that article about "you just broke your child" and I really didn't like it. Maybe it's because today my toddler/preschooler was an absolute cranky terror. On every errand we did, she disobeyed, acted out, destroyed stuff, ran away, just typical toddler shenanigans but ALL DAY LONG. I wouldn't poke my kid so hard that I would hurt her, or threaten to hurt her when I get home, but man sometimes I lose it and look at her and threw my teeth say with force, sit still and behave for just 5 minutes. I don't think it means I don't love her with all my heart and more. I think we're human and we have limits.

  3. I moved my son into his bedroom at 12 weeks. It was harder on me than him (he just felt so far away) but it was exactly what he needed to sleep more soundly. I think it was a smart move on your part and as you said if that turns out not to be the issue he can always come back to your room. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for sharing that post... it totally broke my heart just reading it :(

    And my son started sleeping in his own crib around the second month. I was so hesitant, but my husband really pushed for it. And that first night, some magical stuff happened and we all slept through the night. It was insane! I guess each of us making small noises kept the other awake. GL!

  5. We just moved Ryan from our bed into his crib about 2 weeks ago. He's doing great. He was more ready than I was. I still love napping with him in bed though and I do bring him back into bed with us if he wakes up.