Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling Better

Surprisingly, we actually had a decent night last night... Ayden still woke up every 3 hours to nurse but no every hour craziness. I asked his doctor about his recent change in sleep habits and he confirmed my growth spurt suspicion. He also said we'd see it happen again somewhere between 4 and 6 months and that we can take it as a sign that he might be ready to start solids.

When Ayden sleeps better at night he's up for the day earlier (which is nice for David because he gets to have a few smiles to start his day).

Woke up all smiles!
We woke up back to his happy self. We are SOOO glad he wasn't uncomfortable any longer than the few hours last night... David and I talked things over a bit today and I suppose we've come to the agreement that we'd rather Ayden endure the more controlled side effects of the vaccines than the diseases themselves (though the chances he'd ever contract one are slim to none...). So for now, we plan to continue with the vaccines on the staggered schedule.

It ended up being a great day!

Happy tummy time...
Happy bumbo time...
Lion... Nom nom!

We enjoyed a little nap together before going to teach dance.  

Ayden also had a couple of fun developments today. He is beginning to make a cause and effect connection between moving the toys on his play mat and the music/lights coming on.

When the music stops, he looks up and you can just see the wheels turn... Then he bats at his toys and looks up again when they start back up. I'm not sure that he fully understands the relationship but it's definitely emerging.

The other development was that he "talked" more than ever before today. It's just so cute and fun! We are just loving this age. I think we'll say every age and every stage is our favorite. I suppose that shows that we are loving every moment of parenthood!

What is your favorite age/stage in development?



  1. Sarah, Ayden is so cute talking. I am glad he´s better after the vaccines.

  2. My son is about 3 weeks older than yours, and I agree, this is the best age EVER! He talks all the time, I love it. I've noticed he's really started to recognize Daddy and me too which is great.