Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's Talk

Today was chilly and rainy.  Pretty different from yesterday...

We usually reserve our City Mini for Ayden but since we have a rain cover for it I let Little Miss have the privilege of riding in it for our morning walk...

She has always been a challenge to get down for a nap but now that I have Ayden, taking a walk is our ONLY option... rain or shine.  She just naps in the stroller.

Ayden napped in the Moby:

I guess he needs a rain hat.

Since the weather was so much cooler today we got lots of Moby time!

David had a rough day at work so I made sure to have the house clean and dinner ready in the crock pot so that he could come home and completely de-stress.  When he walked in, everything was in its place and the house smelled delicious. He definitely took notice and let me know how much he appreciated my efforts!  The crock pot is so nice because we can really maximize our quality time together in the evenings when we don't have to do dinner prep.  

My little sou chef with his little monkey toes! :)
David and Ayden had the sweetest moment last night before bed.  Ayden has added another awake time to his schedule at night which has been great for quality daddy time.  Here is a clip of their "conversation:"

The cooing just melts our hearts!  So. Darn. CUTE!!!!!  David felt like he was genuinely replying to everything he was saying. This is when turn taking skills for conversation start.  Yet another milestone! I know we're biased but we just think he's the best little boy there ever was :).



  1. Ahh, that video made me tear up! So precious. I remember these experiencing these moments and having tears in my eyes.

    P.S. Those are some cute monkey toes!

  2. That is so precious! What wonderful memories are being made!
    You are a wonderful wife to have the house clean and dinner cooking for the hubs after a long day. :) Keep up the good work!