Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Little Miss is coming tomorrow instead of today so we had another day with just the two of us.

All that was missing was Daddy!
Our house gets pretty hot during the day because we have a pretty huge living room window.  It's beautiful but holy moly it lets the sun warm up the place!  When I was working I never really noticed but now that I'm home all day everyday I definitely feel it.  Since it was so hot I wasn't really able to wear Ayden throughout the day like I usually do.  That being said, he had to have his naps in other places.  

He took his morning nap in his crib as usual, then his next nap was in the Pack and Play for the first time.  
I took his pants off since it was so hot...
We mainly use his Pack and Play as our downstairs changing station or a quick place to lay him while I put on the Moby.  We never put him in it to nap for some reason so today, I thought I'd give it a try.  It lasted about 5 minutes so I put him to sleep again and put him back in on his stomach.  It really makes such a difference!  He slept in it for almost an hour.  He's lifting his head so well now that I really don't worry about him.  I just make sure that there aren't any suffocation hazards and keep an eye on him.  Here was his tummy time today:

He's getting so strong and we are so proud!

The higher his head goes, the higher his eyebrows.  Too funny!
I went to my hometown to check on my family's pets so he also had a good nap in his car seat on the way home.

I finally got to wear him in the Moby while we cooked/ate dinner.  It's funny because I enjoy giving my back a break but I really miss it when I don't wear him.  When I finally do it's like we've been reunited.  I feel the same way when he's been given a bottle.  It makes me a little sad and I'm always so happy to actually nurse him again (probably why it doesn't happen very often...).  I just love the closeness that baby wearing and breastfeeding give us.  I know there are so many ways that a mother can bond and be close to her baby but those two things are my favorite ways to do it!

What are your favorite ways to connect with your baby?  How do you feel if you have to go a day without?


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  1. I always loved when my daughter would nap on my chest. She would just snuggle up and she'd be in dreamland in no time. It's so sweet to able to watch them just breathe and be so comfortable being on mommy. I am currently expecting baby#2 and am looking forward to baby wearing this time around. :-)