Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Coincidence...

Guess who slept in until 9:00am this morning?!?

This guy!
And guess what?? Ayden napped independently again today and this time in his crib!

Nap #1:

He started out with his head to the left, fell asleep sideways as pictured above, then woke up a complete 180* from where we started.

Woke up so happy!
Swaddle free sleeping is opening up a whole new wiggly realm for Ayden...

Nap #2 was taken in the carseat while we were out buying a projection mobile at a consignment store for only $9! WIN!

Brand new, the mobile is around $50 but it was priced for $18 at the consignment store.  The umbrella portion of the mobile had gotten misplaced and the remote wasn't with it either, so I talked them down to  getting it half price.  The best part is that I wasn't going to use the umbrella anyway because it is meant for younger babies that can't see very far.  Since Ayden is enjoying the ceiling fan on our vaulted living room ceiling, I think he's ready for the mobile to project onto his bedroom ceiling.

Nap #3 was on his own in his crib again.

Wearing one of my favorite little outfits :)
I'd say it's safe to say it wasn't a fluke or a coincidence. I'm pretty confident that we've figured it out!!  Now we just need to figure out how to get these naps to last longer than 20 minutes...

After he fell asleep for the first nap, I couldn't believe it was happening again! I had to share the exciting news with David.

He misses us so much while he's at work so I try to send a lot of pictures and videos throughout the day. He's always so supportive and gets just as excited over all of Ayden's accomplishments as I do. He was who I vented to last week while trying to get Ayden to nap on his own was so frustrating, so he knows what an accomplishment this is. It's so amazing to be going through all of this with my best friend :).

David and I did learn something useful this evening while we were attempting a boxing workout on our punching bag... Ayden was playing on his playmat while we were punching away when he started his sleepy whining. He would start to doze off and then we'd punch and it would wake him up. He wasn't scared or anything, and would start to drift again right away but I decided it would be best to move him to his crib. Yeah, that was a mistake. As soon as I picked him up his sleepy whine turned into full on crying, tears and all, and there was no turning back. Into the Moby he went as I made a mental note to, if I can, just leave him be; even if he's falling to sleep in an awkward place. If we want him to stay asleep, moving him at that stage in the game isn't an option.

Tomorrow, my mom is taking me shopping for my birthday (which is on Thursday) and both Ayden and Little Miss get to tag along. Should be interesting!!

Yay for tummy time!! :)


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