Friday, April 27, 2012

Busy, Busy Friday!

I'm always more tired on Fiday nights than any other. I guess juggling caring for Ayden and teaching dance at the same time takes a lot out of me.

We stayed super busy today! This morning I finally got caught up on putting the house back together after our whirlwind of a weekend last weekend. Then after lunch, Ayden and I headed out to get all of the food for David's 30th birthday party which is tomorrow. We made two stops and I put him in the sling for both.

He was so content to be in it both times. I'm getting better at positioning him properly in it and I think he likes facing out. At the first store he hung out awake for most of the time listening to me tell him everything we needed to find and what I was putting in the cart. He finally fell asleep and of course I had 3 people comment on how cute he was or how neat the sling was. We weren't in the second store quite as long so he stayed awake the whole time and he never once protested being taken in and out of his carseat so much.

After shopping, it was time for Ayden to eat so we stopped back at home before heading to my parents' house to drop off the food (the party will be on their farm tomorrow). After a quick visit I then went to the studio to teach dance.

Napping while I'm tapping!
We got home around 7:15 or so and were ready to start our Friday family time when Ayden had a huge meltdown all of the sudden... We tried bouncing and singing to him, I tried feeding him and swaddling him and none of our usual tools worked. His cries quickly turned to the screams we hadn't heard for months. We finally resorted to colic calm. Just 5 minutes after taking it, Ayden was his happy smiley self again. It must have been a belly related issue of some sort. David and I were just so happy we had what we needed to make him feel better and equally as happy to have each other to take turns with while we figured it out.

After recalling all of the events of the day it's no wonder I'm so tired! Ayden is already sleeping now and David and I are watching Jonah Hex on Netflix. I'll probably regret not going to sleep since Ayden already is but who wants to go to bed at 9:00 on a Friday night?? Hopefully I can make some time for a nap before the party tomorrow. Until then!


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