Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Bluegrass!!

Little Miss joined us today.  She's had a bit of a tough time separating from her mom the past couple of days.  Luckily today Ayden was happy playing in his bouncer while she was crying but last time I had them both crying at the same time and that was a bit rough...  

I got them both to nap at the same time again today which was a win for me!

YAY for group nap time!! :)
We had play time which consisted of tummy/bumbo time for Ayden,  puzzles/magnets for Little Miss and laundry for me.

Somebody enjoying his tummy time!

The weather was so pleasant today that we took a second walk.  We live about a 20 minute walk from a grocery store and we needed a few items that Whole Foods doesn't carry so I put Little Miss in the double stroller and Ayden in the Moby and we headed out.  I made sure I had a sun hat and birp cloth for Ayden, a snack cup of raisins and a sippy cup of water for Little Miss and sunglasses, a bottle of water and house keys for me.  I double and triple checked that everyone had what they might need during our 40 minute + trek to the store and back but still felt like I was forgetting something.  As soon as we walked through the door of the store I realized that I had left my wallet at home.  Awesome... 
Picture for Daddy on the way...
Luckily our bank has a branch inside this particular grocery store and the tellers recognized me and let me withdraw some cash.  Thanks to those nice tellers my day stayed nice when it could have turned pretty sucky pretty quickly.  Yet another mommy brain moment I suppose...

Both kids fell asleep yet again on the way home so I had some quiet time once we got back until Little Miss woke up.  Her mom picked her up 15 minutes early (another win for me!!) so I worked on putting the house back in order before David got home.  

We plan to run a 5k on Sunday so we ran 3 miles (in 34 minutes... we have a little work to do!) then came home to make dinner.  I have to say it was another great day and it went by really quickly!  I'll have to try getting out of the house more when Little Miss is here to make the time pass because sometimes the afternoons drag on when I have her. 

Are you a stay at home mom?  What do you do to make the time pass on those days that seem to drag by?



  1. Ashlyn and I bake a lot! We make lots of different homemade crackers which are healthy and delish (win win) :). I bet that Little Miss could help you bake! You could put Ayden in the bumbo on the counter and make it fun for everyone :) We also make eatable play-do. If you have a baby pool or sprinkler she could do that too. You could put Ayden on a playmate and watch her play and read a good book all at the same time :) I keep a little girl with Ashlyn as well but she is 6 months old so a little easier. Good luck! Hope this gives you some ideas. ;)

  2. Look at him in his little sun hat! How cute. That's awesome that the tellers let you withdraw money. Mommy brain sucks sometimes, LOL!