Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Field Trip!

I took Little Miss and Ayden out for the first time today. I have been wanting to get out of the house on days that I have her but haven't been brave enough. I had walked them to a nearby grocery store once but nothing more than that. The thought of wrangling an 18 month old while caring for Ayden just seemed so daunting that i kept putting it off... When my mom told me that she wanted to take me shopping for my birthday, I told her I wanted to when I had Little Miss so I could practice getting out and about with both kiddos. The bonus was that I would have her help and it went great!

Still has some growing to do for this stroller, but we made it work...
I had planned on even letting Little Miss play in the play area while we were there but she ended up falling asleep before we made it there.

Ayden enjoyed his nap in the Moby :)
We'll have to go back just for that because I think she'd really like it and I think I'm ready to start getting out with them. There's also a toddler story time on Wednesday mornings at the library that we might try next...

Of course my mom took me to my all time favorite store!

And I came away with these:

<3 LOVE <3
I've taken to wearing a nursing tank under any top that I like. That way I can still wear pretty much anything and I just pull the top shirt up leaving the nursing tank down to cover my midrif. It works out perfectly and makes shopping much easier!

Little Miss ended up staying late today. When we got home from the mall we played for a bit (Ayden smiled at her for the first time! And then she screamed and scared him so then he cried...). She was still here when David got home. She's always so shy around him and looks at him like she's thinking, "Why are you at Sarah's house?" but by the time her parents picked her up he had her smiling as always.

Now that I know I can get out and about with both kids it's going to open a whole new world of fun for us! :)

Do you have a toddler and an infant? Was it hard to get out and about with them at first? Any funny/interesting stories to share about it?


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  1. Re: Going out with a child

    Instead of a regular movie theater, you can go to a drive-in theater. I've seen children on top of the roof of their family van under the dark starry sky, really enjoying the fresh air.