Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Piece To the Puzzle...

Sooo... You'll never guess what happened today....

Ayden took not one,

not two,


naps on his own!!! And by on his own I mean absolutely no bouncing, walking, patting, etc.

I know, I'm pretty shocked too. The secret?

Who needs a mobile when you've got a ceiling fan??
It appears as though we've found another piece to the independent sleep puzzle!!!

Ayden has really taken an interest in ceiling fans recently. He even spotted one while we were at brunch yesterday and kept looking up at it every few minutes. We have a big one in our living room that he really enjoys watching. When he began showing signs that he was ready for his morning nap today, for some reason I decided to lay him in the pack and play. He started to do his sleepy whining, which is more intense than cooing but isn't quite a cry, so I just stayed nearby and observed. After a few minutes he quieted and got lost in the fan. After a couple more minutes he was out! The nap was unfortunately cut short (it was only about 25 minutes), due to the doorbell signaling the arrival of Little Miss, but even so he woke up peaceful and smiling which hasn't happened in a while.

The second nap happened even more peacefully than the first but was also cut short by Little Miss' playing so he had to finish it in the Moby...I'm just stoked that Ayden is showing signs that he can, in fact, self sooth enough to fall asleep independently.

The same thing happened for nap number three and I couldn't be more
happy and proud! I needed a day like today to help me persevere with this sleep training!

So, our next step is to purchase something for Ayden's bedroom that will have a similar effect to the fan. Maybe one of those nightligts that projects rotating lights on the ceiling? All we know is that our boy must enjoy some soothing entertainment while winding down and we have no problem with accommodating such a need :). I'm going on the hunt for a solution tomorrow. I plan to hit up all of the consignment and re-sale shops first. Hopefully we'll get lucky and get a good deal on exactly what we're looking for!

Now that we have one more piece to the puzzle, maybe we're one step closer to the day where we can tuck him in, say our good nights and walk out of the room leaving him to peacefully, and independently, fall asleep for the night. :)

Does your child like to have any soothing "entertainment" at night? What brand/product would you recommend?



  1. We use the twilight turtle. No motion but soft colored lights.

  2. I see nothing wrong with having things to help the child fall asleep on their own. With Ashlyn we have always had classical music playing. After she is asleep and we go to bed, I turn it off. But she is now getting close to 3 and still loves it but never has to have it. She loved it when she was a baby though. :) I will probably do the same with this one too. I love this last picture of the two of you! PRECIOUS!!!

  3. We have the fisher price Glow Seahorse which doesn't go on the ceiling but has a nice amber glow and plays soothing music, we use it every night and it helps relax our little guy. We also have the ocean wonders take along projection soother which I like because it has two water noises and music, as well as two different scenes on the ceiling, we love it! I do want to try the turtle star o e I've seen though.

  4. I had the same thing happen tonight! We have a projector too that I usually use as light. My 11 week old son has been hard to get down lately so I've just been nursing him in bed and not moving him when he falls asleep, instead of moving him to our co-sleeper. But tonight he was staring at the ceiling and wouldn't nurse, and started rubbing his eyes. I moved him to the co-sleeper and he did not fuss! He settled and when I checked on him after a couple minutes he was asleep! I've noticed, like you, when he falls asleep on his own he is more likely to stay asleep than after we fight to get him down. Kids are so interesting!