Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite...

Sing the title like this:


We got moving early today! We dropped David's car off for a tire rotation then we headed to a local seed/garden store. We are going to container garden in our back yard this summer and needed to wrap our heads around what we want to plant, about how much it will cost and what supplies we'll need. After doing our homework we headed home so that Ayden and I could nap while David went and got his hair cut. Once David came home, we got to the fun part of our day!

Kite Fest!!!
All of those kites are strewn together as one big kite.
So interesting to watch the guy fly them!

Every year our city invites everyone out to one of the bigger parks in town to fly kites together. So fun :)

There was also an inflatable slide and tents for face painting, paper kite making, cup stacking, etc. There were even some fancy hula hoopers for entertainment! My sister and her kids came and met up with us and we spent the whole afternoon at the park. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!!  The only problem was that it wasn't very windy.

David had trouble keeping our fancy kite up but my nephews cheapy one flew perfectly! Ours was just too heavy for the pleasant breeze that we had today.  We'll have to go back out when the forecast calls for lots of wind!  Now that we have our little man, we're going to start going every year (along with any other free family fun events that our town has to offer...)

After we left the park, we headed to the mall so David could buy a couple of new work shirts. He chose Fossil which is my FAVORITE store. If I could sum up my style in one word it would be Fossil... I haven't purchased anything for myself there in over a year so I enjoyed sifting through the ladies side while David picked out his shirts.

At the mall with his current favorite stroller toy...
Ayden got hungry while David was shopping, so I headed to Dillard's to nurse him (the ladies room there has a comfy lounge with chairs) and left David to finish up on his own. Turns out he gets sneaky when left to his own devices because when we got home he had me look in his bag where I found this beauty!

He had seen me eyeballing it in the store and surprised me with it!!! So sweet :). He told me that he appreciates everything I've been doing for our little family and thought he'd get me a little something special. I cried when I saw it and I can't wait to wear it :). Maybe it will be part of my Easter outfit tomorrow...

I'm also apparently very difficult to surprise because he had to think of 3 different reasons for me to look in the bag before I saw it.  In my defense, it was covered by one of their free catalogues that they always put in the bags and I also wasn't really looking for a third item.  It was pretty funny!

Since we've been home, we've had a low key night.  Now we're going to snuggle up and try to stay awake while we watch a movie. Happy Easter Eve!


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