Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy First Easter!!

Last night we read one of Ayden's gifts from the Easter Bunny in preparation for his first big holiday! It was a very cute book and there's a whole line of them (The Night Before Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Baby, Preschool, etc, etc, etc...). I think we'll eventually own them all :).

Still LOVE his sleepy smiles! :)
At our house, the Easter Bunny is going to go with a tradition of "Summer Fun" Easter baskets. This year that included a few books, a couple of swim suits and a couple of toys.

Both of our families came together at David's parents' house for our Easter festivities today. We had a ham dinner and a little backyard Easter egg hunt for our 2 year old nephew. It was a great day!

First Easter dinner together as a little family!
Even though Ayden only got a couple of 20 minute naps all day he was able to rally and maintained a relatively good mood considering. My sister had a pretty magical touch with him. We've always thought each other's kids feel comfortable with their aunties because we have some underlying similarities that make us familiar. He somehow was in an awesome and smiley mood all the way home, though!!

We just love him!!!

The weather was so beautiful that we took a family stroll when we got home. I guess the lack of adequate naps caught up to our little guy because he sacked out on his daddy as soon as they snuggled up together.

And now I shall leave you with this face because it shall make you smile :).

Happy Easter!

What are you family's Easter traditions??



  1. Hi Sarah - I found a video you posted on YouTube and was hoping to ask you a couple things about vitex. Hopefully my email pulled up when I subscribed, I can't find a way to email you directly...

    Beautiful family :)

    1. Hi! Thank you! You can email me at Happy to answer your questions if I can :).