Friday, April 6, 2012

We're in trouble...

It was SUPER chilly this morning!
This week was Spring Break for the kids in our area so I didn't teach dance tonight. Since we have Easter festivities on Sunday, I did the meal planning and grocery shopping today. It will be nice to have that extra time this weekend!!

I wore Ayden in the Moby D. He was super awake almost the whole time!! People kept stopping to tell me how cute he is and would point and talk about him to their neighbor with smiles in their faces. I still can't believe that baby wearing is such a strange thing in my town but it's great to put a smile on someone's face! :)

While at the grocery, I was reunited with an old friend:

When I first tried Kombucha I wasn't a huge fan but it has a lot of health benefits so I would just drink half a bottle at a time. After a few bottles I was totally hooked! The jury's still out on whether or not it's safe during pregnancy since it's raw and all so I took a break for a while. I walked past it today and decided that I deserved a treat. Now I sip slowly and enjoy an entire bottle.

If you can get past the SCOBY ("symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast"... YUM?) at the bottom... should give it a try (I realize how gross this sounds... David tells me this every time I have one)!

After the grocery we met up with some friends for a block party that was kind of a bust. Ayden strongly disliked the car seat as usual. This one was particularly bad because we were going downtown in a lot of stop and go traffic. He was so pitiful :(

We are in big trouble with that cute pouty lip and those big crocodile tears!
Our little family at the block party...
Since the block party wasn't as fun as we had hoped we headed back to our friends' house to watch a couple of episodes of one of our favorite shows.  We always have such a good time with them. :)

Sitting next to Daddy like a big boy!
It was a good Friday (haha I guess I could say a good Good Friday...) and we are looking forward to some quality family time this weekend!!



  1. I LOVE Kombucha, cranberry and pineapple (whole foods) are my favs! I make my own but it's not as good :-/

  2. I LOVE Kombucha! I don't drink it pregnant either so I guess I'm taking a break too ;) I have to say that picture is really sad! That would make me cry looking at that face. What a precious baby he is even when he is sad. :)

  3. THAT FACE! You can not say no to that pouty little face.