Saturday, July 21, 2012

6 Months Old!

I can't believe our baby is 6 months old today!  We are amazed at how much he has changed.

He has come to life and is an active member of our family.  It's hard to remember what it was like before his arrival and we both fall in love with him more everyday.  We both still stop and look at him and say, "We have a SON!" or "He is ours, can you believe it?!?"  He is just amazing.

As I do every month, I take a look at a milestone list just to see where he is and where he is headed in comparison.  We realize that every baby is unique and achieves every milestone at his/her own pace, but it's still fun see where he lies in general. 

As for physical development, he's actually sitting up on his own.  He began doing this the day after he turned 5 months old and now he rarely falls over.  He has learned how far is too far and usually corrects himself, quickly regaining balance.  When he does occasionally fall he closes his eyes and flinches on the way down.  It's cute and he usually smiles once he's down there.  He's a tough little guy!  He does not get to sitting on his own yet but he can get to the crawling position (hands and knees) from his belly and from sitting.  Once on his hands and knees he rocks back and forth and will occasionally reach one hand out for a toy.  He is also doing everything else on the list above.

In the area of intellectual development, he is doing everything on the list above except for imitating sounds and looking for named objects.  He makes a lot of sounds, and is very interested when we imitate his sounds but we haven't heard him make a specific sound just because we made it.  We say dog, cat, fan, mommy, daddy, etc. whenever his attention is drawn to that object/person but he is yet to look to an object or person if we say it randomly.

He is incredibly social.  He LOVES to be tickled, and is super playful.  He smiles at people and even stares at someone across the room and "talks" to them until he gets their attention.  He still has some anxiety about being passed around in a crowd and also doesn't seem to be a fan of men with beards (which my dad unfortunately has...) but he'll get used to them!

Overall we are so proud of how far he has come! and can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store.

As for his 6 month photos being ready in time for this post, David's unexpected work trip delayed their completion.  Such is life!  No biggie.  We'll post them as soon as they are done for sure! Here is his monthly owl shot:

5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month
David has spent the day on a boat for a bachelor party having tons of fun, no doubt.  Ayden and I went with him when he met up with the guys and stayed at our friends house for the morning.  Ayden was a good boy.  The bride for this bachelor/bachelorette weekend, Jessica, is a long time friend of mine.  We grew up dancing together and went to school together from middle school on.  Ayden's due date was January 17th and Jessica's birthday is January 21st.  She always said, "Maybe you'll go late and have him on my birthday!"  Ayden must have heard her request because after 42 hours of labor, they became birthday buddies!  She gave him a half birthday present.  He loved everything about it, including the paper and the box.

 Ayden has been a trooper at the hotel.  Once we got him back to sleep last night he slept well.  David got him down for his morning nap while I got ready.

He looks so tiny in the king size bed!
Now we are back at the hotel.

There is a lingerie shower at 5 but I thought a baby's attendance would probably change the mood of things ;).  We are going to chill here until David's return then I'll meet back up with the girls for dinner at 7 and honkey tonkin' after that!   I've pumped after every feeding since last night and have enough for two feedings while I'm gone.  I'll also empty out before I leave so David should have more than enough, just in case.  Now I'm going to try and catch Ayden's next nap with him so I can have some energy for this evenings festivities.  Should be a fun night!


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