Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ayden's First 4th!

Him + Me = A Whole Lotta Cuteness!!!
We celebrated Independence Day by going downtown for a parade! It was 99* and though it was fun, the heat and humidity made it a little miserable all at the same time...

We took our City Mini stroller because it has a monster sunshade and I lathered Ayden up with his new Badger sunscreen just to be safe. It's a good thing we did because his little legs were in the sun a lot. You see, I was sun burnt a lot as a kid so I think this is one area where I think I'm going to be a little paranoid.  I'll probably have Ayden getting out of the pool every 15 minutes to reapply throughout his childhood.  Poor kid...

The fun part was that we got to hang with our friends who met us there. The miserable part, besides the aforementioned heat was that the sirens, horns and motors scared poor Ayden to death. He had his adorable pouty lip out and huge crocodile tears. We decided to stop torturing him and left the parade to walk around and see all of the vendors that came out for the occasion. While we were walking around, Ayden got sleepy but just could not fall asleep.  I think he was just too hot and uncomfortable and possibly thirsty.  He had a bit of a melt down on the way to the car.  We cranked the AC up as high and cold as it would go and I nursed him to sleep in the car.  He had another small meltdown during the transfer to the car seat but once we got moving he fell back to sleep and slept all the way home (that's when I took the sleeping picture in the collage above).

As for the rest of our day, we took some food to some friends who just had a baby a week ago.  She was so adorable and tiny!  When people would hold newborn Ayden and say, "I don't remember my babies ever being this small..." I just couldn't believe that.  Didn't want to believe that.  I thought I'd always remember Ayden as a tiny newborn, but looking at that new little girl those exact words slipped right out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Then we went straight to the grocery to pick up everything we need for our camping trip this weekend.  Ayden fell asleep on the way there and didn't wake up until we got home.  Having such a stellar late afternoon nap pushed his bedtime back so we gave him a bath to wash all the sunscreen off, got him ready and then ate dinner while we watched for any sign of him finally getting sleepy.

He ended up going to sleep around 9:00pm.  I hope he can sleep through all the fireworks tonight! Last night he slept a FIVE AND A HALF hour stretch!! That is the longest sleep session to date!  I had to pump after his 4:30 am (!!) feeding because I was super full and leaking everywhere even after he ate...  I am hoping for a repeat tonight!  I filled an ice cube tray with the milk from my middle of the night pumping session and plan to let him "eat" them in a mesh feeder while we eat dinner.  We've been using ice cubes but I think he'll really enjoy milk cubes!

My plan for the remainder of the week is: story time and camping planning/prepping tomorrow and then packing on Friday.  This will be our first road trip with a baby!!  We'll head out Friday night after dinner and won't get back until Sunday. 

What would be the top 5 "must have" items to take for a baby on a road trip?  What 5 should we leave at home?


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  1. we took our son on a 4 hr road trip/a week stay when he was 3 months. things i found super helpful were his travel swing, bouncer, glow worm (he loved it since 1 week old and still loves it at nearly 2yrs), toys with music/lights, and those rings that link together. they are so handy with teething, lots of colour, and you can use them for so much!