Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Crazy


Things are getting pretty crazy around here!  Ayden is 1 week shy of his half birthday (6 months already?!?) and his development has picked up 10 fold this past week!  He is wanting to get his little  hands (and mouth) on anything and everything he can. 

Asking for a cell phone already...
This is a great thing because the more involved babies are with their worlds, the more they are learning.  On the other hand, it makes things pretty crazy and it is only the beginning.  He'll be on the move before we know it.  If I think I can't find much free time now I wonder how I'll feel about it this time next month?

 Ayden still can't get to sitting on his own, but once we put him there he is mastering it.  He falls every now and then but more often than not, he's starting to correct himself before falling over if he feels he's reached too far.  He's also gone from sitting to semi-crawling before sliding onto his belly to do his typical superman a few times.  Another development is standing.  Obviously not on his own, but if we're sitting with him up on our shoulder, he'll push his little legs straight and stand.  He'll even sometimes keep his legs straight and try to stand if we're trying to sit him down on the floor. 

And the babbling!  He sounds like he's speaking fluently in a foreign language.  I suppose he is fluent in baby babble :).  "Yayaya" and "Dadada" are his current go-to sounds.  He's also starting to string together consonant combinations that really make it sound like he's carrying on a little conversation. We plan on doing some sign language for him, just for basic needs and wants, and I had the urge to start recently.  So far I've shown him "music" and "all done."  I've heard babies will start signing as early as 8 or 9 months so why not start now?

It's really crazy how every new challenge also brings something equally as amazing to witness. It's all a part of this crazy awesome journey called mommy hood and I'd have it no other way!



  1. Aww... this makes me think back when my little man was babbling, he spoke so quick and strong it almost made him sound German! lol... we always called him our German baby back then. Boy out how time flys!

  2. Hey Sarah, just wanted to mention that it looks like Ayden's shoulder straps are a little high on his car seat. when he is rearfacing, the shoulder straps need to be at or below his shoulders. Sorry if you already know this, it just looks like they are high from the picture. I can't really tell. I love watching your videos, and your little family is SOO sweet! <3