Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's Get Excited!!

We had another great night last night and slept in a little this morning. Can't complain about that!

Well rested and ready for the day!
Since we slept in a little, I knew that Ayden's morning nap would end right around when story time was starting; so I decided to go to the book store early so that he could take his full nap in the stroller while I looked around.

Before I got my Kindle, browsing bookstores was one of my favorite things to do. I was actually hesitant to purchase a Kindle because I thought I would miss the feeling of holding real books in my hands. As it turns out, it was the content of the books that I loved most because now I hold my Kindle as near and dear to my heart as any book I ever loved. But, Kindle or not, I still love browsing bookstores.  Instead of purchasing any books, I open my Amazon App and add any interesting books that I might want to read to a Kindle wish list that I have set up.  Then, when I'm ready for a new book, I just choose one from the wishlist to download. It's the best of both worlds :).

When it was finally story time, Ayden was still sleeping so I woke him up and surprisingly he was in a good mood and enjoyed himself. It has been really fun to watch him evolve at story time. We've been 8 or 9 times now.  During the first one we attended, he was super serious the whole time. As time has passed, he's definitely livened up and different songs seem to be his favorite every time.  At first, Peas Porriage was the only one that would get him to smile, then it moved to Row Row Row Your Boat, then Patty Cake, then this silly one talking about how farmers, ladies and gentlemen ride horses.  Today it was a scarf rhyme.  At bedtime, I've been taking this little "lovey" blanket and tickling his face with it and I think the scarf may have reminded him of that becaues he was acting the same as he does when we play that game. 

Something else he did for the first time today was actually show me that he wanted to nurse. For the past week or so, he has acted excited when he'd see the cues that I was about to feed himm, but he had never actually tried to initiate it himself. During story time, in true EASY baby fashion, he was expecting to eat when he woke up.  He didn't let his hunger stop his enjoyment but after every couple of songs, he'd push back and roll over and assume the nursing position.  Or, if I turned him toward me he'd bury his face into my chest and then fuss when I turned him away.  Storytime is only a half hour so I knew he could wait it out. My mom always told me that my sisters and I would reach down her shirt in public when we wanted to nurse (we were breastfed until 18 months or so) and I think Ayden is already headed down that same path.  Things are about to get intersting, I'm sure! 
I fed him in the car after story time and then we headed to Target to pick up a few things for our camping trip this weekend.  Since we would be shopping during his awake time I decided to wear him in our sling.  When he saw me get it out he smiled, laughed a little and started kicking his little legs in excitement.  That was two times today that he showed excitement in anticipation for something and it is definitely a new develoment that I am enjoying!  He actually ended up falling asleep again, which was a first in the sling.  I suppose he needed to make up for the sleep lost from when I woke him for storytime. 

I purchased my sling here.  We love it!
We were at Target for much longer than I wanted to be because I talked to both my sister and my dad on the phone while we were there and I've never been able to shop and talk on the phone at the same time.  For one, my shopping list was on my phone and two, I always end up having to backtrack becaue I'm not concentrating on the order in which I look for things.  It ended up being okay, though, because Ayden woke up on his own while I was in the checkout line.  I was glad he got the sleep he needed while I was wondering around the whole store talking on the phone forever.

When we got home, I started the food prep for our camping trip.  Since we are currently on a pretty restrictive diet, David for health reasons, and me as a support for him, we aren't going to be able to eat any of the food that be available there.  Here is a list of food we are taking:
-paleo crunch cereal (with bananas, raisins, strawberries/blueberries & cinnimon as toppings)
- coconut milk
- salads with chicken, pumpkin seeds, raisins, pecans, and oil/vinegar (enough for 2 meals each)
- spaghetti squash with meatsauce (enough for 2 meals each)
- lots of snacks (carrots with salsa/hummus, dried fruits, apples, kale chips, pecans, etc.)

We'll be taking a camping burner and a pot with us to warm the chicken and spaghetti squash. We were going to take hot dogs and s'more stuff (just for me) but beacuse of the drought we are experiencing, we won't have a bon fire like we usually do, or fire works for that matter. We may still take the bon fire food just in case because we purchased grass fed beef hot dogs and all natural marshmallows, in other words, the best quality hot dogs and marshmallows possible (if it even is possible...) and if for some reason we do get to have a bon fire, we wouldn't be able to participate if we were left to Hershey's chocolate and Oscar Mayer hotdogs.

It was a long day but all of the food is prepped and laundry is done.  David even got the stuff down from the attic that we need so tomorrow all we have to do is pack, take the pets to the kennel and prepare the house for a weekend away.  Wish me luck!



  1. Enjoy your weekend away! you deserve it. I've been following you since ayden was a few days old and i love your blogs. we are going camping as well for the weekend with our 22 month old son, so exciting!

  2. Your little guy is so cute! I'm also an avid reader and I just can't let go of being able to hold a book in hand to switch to a Kindle. I've seen (YouTube) and read you mention books here and there, and you appear to be very well read. Do you have a list of recommendations? Thanks! :)