Monday, July 16, 2012

When The Cat's Away...

"What?  I was hungry..."
 When the cat's away, the mice will play (while they miss the cat terribly)!  David left for his work trip this morning.  Day 1 of single parenting down, only 2 to go.  Well... almost 2.  He'll be home early enough on Wednesday for it to only count as a partial single parenting day :-).  I missed him terribly but it wasn't as tough as I thought it might be.  For one, Ayden had a great day and secondly, I ate leftovers so I didn't have dinner to cook or the kitchen to clean up afterward which freed up my evening to take care of David's chores and have time to take it easy.  After work, David always gets the mail, dumps the compost, waters the plants, feeds and walks Mav.  I texted him to see if I got it all and he added a hug and kiss for Ayden to the list.  Such a sweet daddy!

We have another development to report!

Mister Man is pulling his knees under by himself now and rocking away.  Only a matter of time before he's on the move.  I told him he better wait until his daddy gets home before he starts crawling!  In reality we probably still have at least a couple of weeks but still.  It's crazy how quickly things are picking up!

Ayden had a little fussy period around 4:30. I think it was because the nap he had right before said fussy period was too short as usual.. So we got out of the house and spent some time at a cute little park we have in our neighborhood.
<3 I love my little side kick! <3
 It's amazing what a change of scenery can do for anyone's mood! I spread out a sheet, stripped him down (it's still pretty hot here) and we enjoyed some fresh air.  He was definitely distracted from whatever was making him fussy.  His main mission?  To pick some grass!  He even discovered how to pull the sheet again and again so that it would uncover the grass right next to him and he could get to it without even moving, lazy boy!  Or maybe smart, hard working boy?  Either way you look at it, it was pretty darn cute!  He kept doing it over and over.

Up to no good!
 After the park, we stopped by Whole Foods because [gasp] I was out of peaches and my current obsession is cold, diced peaches with bananas.  Ayden fell asleep on the way home and woke up when we got here refreshed!  I suppose he just needed another 15-20 minutes of sleep to revive his mood.  Since he was in a good mood I set up his door jumper in the pantry doorway and crossed off a To Do that has been on my list since before he was born... Mopping the kitchen floor!!
Here is a link to the pin for the recipe for the mop water. 
Yeah, I know, I sure know how to party when I have the house to myself... It seriously took less than 15 minutes. Why do I put these things off.  Anyway, after a combination of Ayden repeatedly working his way off of a blanket I attempted to put down for him and seeing a black hand print on a towel I used to clean up a spill, I finally got motivated. 

Ewww! I'm pretty sure it was time..
It felt SOOO good to cross that off of my list!  I'm far from a germaphobe, and am really not that worried about dirt, but even I was grossed out by the water afterward. 

After I finished that, it was bedtime for our little sweety.  He faught it a bit, I'm assuming because he only had one good nap today and was over-tired, but finally gave in around 8:00.  It's starting to get dark and now is when the loneliness sets in.  Though I have Ayden, the house still feels so empty without my honey to keep me company.  I've never slept well when he's not here.  The bed is so cold and I'll be on higher alert than ever since I'm the only one here to watch over Ayden. I only have to get through 2 nights and all will be well again!  It really does remind me how lucky I am to have David by my side. <3

I'm not sure what's on tap for tomorrow...  Maybe some swimming at my parent's house during the day?  We shall see!


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  1. Good luck tonight! I was just wondering how Ayden's nights were doing for you lately? You had said that you were setting a minimum of 4 hours for him to nurse at a wakeup. I've actually just started setting limits on nighttime nursing sessions, since a baby mine and Ayden's age (mine is nearly 7 months old) doesn't need to nurse in the middle of the night, developmentally speaking. Anyway, I'm extending the minimum time by a half hour every night. We're on our third night tonight. Last night he woke up three times but we went from 9:30pm to 6am without him nursing.
    I thought of you in the morning, since I was wondering if you were working on extending that four hour time frame or doing anything else?