Sunday, July 22, 2012

Night and Day


We ended our Nashville visit today. We had so much fun and are so glad the parties were arranged the way they were (guys during the day and girls at night) so that we could both attend. On our way out of their neighborhood (we stopped by for a last goodbye before hitting the road), we wished we had one more day for us all to hang out together.

To be honest, our trip down there left a bit of a bad feeling about the drive home. Lucky for us, though, Ayden was on our side today!!

The trips were like night and day. He slept for the first half (an hour and a half!) and then was awake, happy and playful for the rest! I also thought ahead and used my manual pump to get a bottle ready for an on-the-go feed while he slept. When he woke I was able to feed him right away so he never had the opportunity to get fussy in the first place. I'm learning and taking notes as I go!
During the car ride David helped me meal plan, I made our grocery list, took a half hour nap and read Catching Fire out loud after Ayden's feeding. I'd call that an enjoyable and productive car ride.

When we got home we unloaded the car and went to the grocery. David dropped Ayden and me off and while he went to pick up the pets I fed Ayden again, imported some videos and pictures from the trip and started dinner.

Ayden started rubbing his face at about 7:30 so I handed dinner prep over to David and brought Ayden up for bed. It is now 8:00, we have completed our bedtime routine and Ayden is in his crib practicing his crawling instead of falling asleep. Milestones are not the best helpers when it comes to baby sleep.  One drawback of traveling and being away from familiar triggers and routines is that it always takes a few days to get back to normal.

Speaking of crawling, I shall end this post with a video of Ayden's current progress on this huge milestone. He is almost there!

Wish us luck with getting him to bed and eating our dinner before it's cold!


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