Friday, July 27, 2012

Crawl Watch 2012

Today was an interesting day... It wasn't a bad day per say but somehow the whole day slipped away without me getting anything productive done.

I did manage to take a shower. Ayden was being fussy and I was in the mood for a nice, long, enjoyable shower. Those two things never go hand in hand so my solution?

I busted out his bath seat for the first time. I would offer a link but you actually cannot purchase this particular bath seat new anymore. I got ours for $6 at a consignment store when I was pregnant and have seen them around at various "gently used" stores since. They are still out there if you are willing to treasure hunt! They stopped making and recalled them because people were trying to use them with claw foot, jacuzzi, etc tubs and babies kept tipping over. They are only made for your standard bath/shower combo. Just like anything else, if you read/follow the product instructions, things will usually work out for you. Anyway, this was an amazing solution! I pointed the shower nozzle away from him, and I got to enjoy my shower while he happily played with his ducks. Win/win!! :)

We bed-shared while we were in Nashville and actually enjoyed it. We all woke feeling rested and my body didn't hurt at all in the morning so we've been doing a little bed sharing this week. We wanted to see if that 7th B of attachment parenting might work for us now that Ayden is a little older and I'm not at all concerned that he'd let one of us suffocate him without putting up a fight. We still go through Ayden's typical bed time routine and put him to bed in his crib initially, usually at around 7:30 or 8:00. Then I'll bring him in when he wakes for a feeding between 10 and 11. The verdict? It's been hit or miss. We've had a couple of good nights where we all slept better and a couple of rough nights where David did not get enough sleep. Last night was one of the rough ones where Ayden woke every hour and a half or so and actually cried when he woke (on the good nights I wake and get him latched on right when he stirs and we're both back to sleep before he even realizes he was waking up). I suppose he made up for lost time because he took a whopper of a two hour nap today.


I got to nap with him for the first hour so we'll call that another success for today :). I suppose his sleep is hit or miss no mater where he rests his little head. I know the more consistent we are, the better it will be for Ayden so hopefully we'll find what works for all of us soon.

On the Baby Led Weaning front:

"Ummm, Mom... Will you take this?"
Ayden enjoyed banana a little more than the last time he tried it this morning and he really hit the jackpot at dinner! He had a strip of steak, some of the usual avocado and a couple of spinach leaves. The winner was the steak, hands down!

Our little carnivore :)
 This was his first time with meat and he mainly sucked on it the whole time. We had company for dinner and Ayden just sat so quietly working on his strip of steak. The spinach came in second followed by the avocado. I've been seeing a slight change in the deposits made in his diapers so he's definitely getting some stuff down. It looks as though most of it passes straight through, though. I suppose that will change as he begins to chew more. So far we are loving BLW! It was definitely the right fit for our little family. It's so awesome that we all eat together at the same time and that he's already eating whatever we are. The best part is that he is in charge of what, how much and how quickly he eats. It all just feels so natural!

We have a busy weekend on tap. Even so, we are looking forward to spending it together! Now I shall leave you with a little clip of Ayden's crawling progress. He's been working so hard and is almost there! We are so proud :).


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