Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mommy Brain Strikes Again!

Ayden had a record breaking night for sleep last night! He went to bed around 8, I gave home his dream feed at 10:30 and then he woke for feedings around 2:15am and 5:15am. Woohoo! I always bring him into our bed for that 5ish feeding and he usually nurses back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. This morning, however, he was awake enough to be intrigued by David's light up alarm clock so he stayed awake even after nursing. This was great for David because they got to hang out a little before he left for work; but I am not interested in it developing into a new habit. We like being able to sleep in on the weekends and a 5:15am wakeup everyday does not work for our little family. We'll see if it happens again tomorrow before we got too worried.

When he was ready for his first nap of the day, around 7, I took it with him and we slept for a good hour an a half! Needless to say, I felt better today than I have in a while.


I spent the morning doing some computer related to do's then ventured out for some errands. One of the errands on our list was to deposit a couple of checks at the bank.

*WARNING* serious mommy brain moment ahead...

Ayden had been fussy since we left the house and it really picked up when I stopped the car in the line at the bank drive through. Then David called so when it was my turn to make my transaction, I had a crying baby and was on the phone and was kind of in a hurry to get moving since I knew it would be the only thing to calm Ayden. When I was done, I was flustered and so happy to get out of that situation. Then, when I was almost home, I looked down and saw this in my lap...


Yes, I stole a bank tube. Of course, I texted David to tell him about it because I was totally aware of how hilarious it was.

I turned around and took it back. The teller was really nice about it but I could tell she wanted to laugh a little. She could have, then we'd be laughing together. Jeez... I had just told David yesterday that I am giving myself this first year to be a hot mess and then I'm raising the bar for myself to June Clever standards. I've got six and a half months to pull it together! :)

When David got home we headed to our home town to take Mav to the vet because he was overdue for his boardatella vaccine. We are boarding him this weekend while we go to my family reunion so we needed him to have it. While we were waiting to be seen, Ayden was smiling at all of the people in the waiting room and they were all talking about how cute and animated he is. It was so fun to watch him interact and them gush over his cuteness.

After the vet we watered David's parents' plants (they'll be in Japan for 2 weeks total) and ended the evening with a swim at my parent's house.

Exploring his PaPaw's beard :)
David is off work tomorrow for Independence Day so we plan to take Ayden to his first parade. Should be fun!!



  1. I have totally taken a bank tube home. Super embarassing!

  2. Oh my gosh! Mommy brain moments are so funny :) I've had plenty. Glad you could laugh at yourself :)