Monday, July 30, 2012

Hunting For Treasures

Ayden has officially become a creeper! If you put him down in the middle of a room he will eventually make his way around. It may take a while, but he gets there! He has now realized that his tummy probably should not be involved in the process and keeps his knees, or feet, under him most of the time. He is also pulling up on things a lot. He is not sturdy at all so I'm a bit of a helicopter mom when he gets around something that he could potentially pull up on. He's had a couple of little spills but he's a tough boy and honestly, he'll learn limitations a little faster if he falls every now and then.

Due to the new freedom he's gained because of his improved mobility he has had some fun discovering some treasures around the house.

Treasure #1: Door stoppers!!

We have the awesome spring kind. He sat and played with it for a good 10 or 15 minutes.

Haha! :)

Treasure #2: Books!

He discovered his book shelf today and now enjoys pulling the books off. He pats on their covers and even opens them up. We have read books almost everyday since he was born so it's fun seeing him actually choose them as an activity for himself. Brown Bear Brown Bear is still his favorite and he always stops on pictures of cats. I am convinced he sees the similarities between the cats in the pictures and Polly. It does help that they always seem to choose white cats for the books.
"Is that you, Polly?"
 Treasure #3: Laundry Baskets and Hangers!!

He sat and played contentedly hitting and scraping the laundry basket with a hanger while I folded and put away his laundry today. He also kept trying to use the basket to pull up on and just about bit the dust when it fell towards him. Luckily mommy was there to catch him and hopefully he learned a thing or two about the stability of laundry baskets.

Treasure #4: Any kind of string or wire!!

Ayden can spot a string or wire from across the room. I mentioned in his Favorites: 6 Month Edition post that he loves strings and I wasn't kidding! One of the funniest moments of today was when he was playing with a string I had given him and got mad because he couldn't get it to his mouth because he was sitting on it.

It has been so enjoyable as a parent to watch Ayden grow and work so hard on new developments. While David and I were giving him his bath last night, we were talking about how we have this little person in our lives now who has no idea about his place in this world or how big the world is. Right now, we are his world and he just lives by what he's feeling in the moment.  So fun to get to see this big world all over again through his eyes. :)


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