Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling Crafty

Today was much better than yesterday.  We are still completely infested with ants (eww) but other than that and the heat, we can't complain.  They say there's a 50% chance of storms tonight and with summer storms usually comes a cool down so we have our fingers crossed!

David hung out with Ayden for most of the morning so I could get some projects done and have some "me" time.


The fact that I had a ton of half finished projects lying around was really getting to me so I was so happy for the chance to actually finish something!  What did I choose to do with my time?  I got crafty!
Meal planning board!
I actually like to make some of the DIY stuff that I pin on Pinterest.  Some people just call Pinterest "electronic hording," and I do pin a lot of things that I'll probably never get around to making/doing/seeing/using, but every once in a while, I open up my boards and pick something to actually make.   Pinterest really is a genius idea and I secretly wish I had thought of it... Here is the pin that inspired this project.  I got the frame at a local flea market for $3.50,  purchased the decorative paper and letter stickers from Michaels for $5.08 and had the clothes pins and index cards at my house already.  So for under $10 we not only have a functional meal planning system but a cute wall display.  I just love turning a pile of materials into something worth displaying in our home.  It looks so cute on our kitchen wall! When I was done I felt rejuvenated.  I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't of mattered what I did with my baby free time.  It was wonderful knowing that I could work on something to completion without the chance of being interrupted!!

The rest of the day was pretty laid back and we noticed that Ayden was more laid back too.  Babies really do feed off of our moods and emotions and I think Ayden was reacting to our stress levels yesterday.  It was nice to put "life" on pause today and just focus on ourselves and our little man!
Story time before bed!
I wish everyday could be a Sunday! 


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  1. Do you think you'd be able to post the template for the envelopes you used? I like how you used full recipe cards versus the original pin that just had the items listed.