Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Guess who napped for a full hour and 15 minutes this morning??

This guy!
That's right! I didn't even have to do any interventions. A-mazing! Now the trick will be keeping it up... The rest of the days naps were the same ol' 30 minutes or less but it's okay with me to go one nap at a time...

We had a lot of playtime today. We read books, danced, and worked on motor skills like pre-crawling (rocking back and forth on hands and knees) and getting to a sitting position on his own. We also had some downtime. For Ayden's downtime, I put away all of the books and toys, played some Baby Mozart classical music, which he LOVES, and we lay on the floor together. We talk to each other and he explores my face and hands. Sometimes he lays on my chest, pushing up to look around, sometimes we just lay side by side while he explores and scratches the carpet or our clothes. It really is wonderful quality bonding time.

We also like to give him what we call "nakey time."  He's always loved to be naked.  Diaper changes quickly became one of his favorite activities as a newborn.  Now during diaper changes, he usually has one hand on his boy bits and the other on a foot, which usually makes its way to his mouth.  Too funny!  We love cloth diapering but it's no secret that they add some bulk to a little baby body.  That's why we like to give him time each day without all that extra fluff between his legs.  And he really enjoys it!
 The day was another fussy one overall so I was thrilled when we received a package in the mail!  I contacted the company The Art of Cure and they agreed to send me an amber teething necklace to try out and review. 

Ayden's a fan!
 I'm excited to see if it helps calm Ayden a little as I feel teething is going to be a little rough here at our house...

"You gotta get one of these!"
One time of day that has become very pleasant is dinner time.  Now that Ayden is used to having ice in the mesh feeder he sits quietly and works on it while we eat and chat.  He's even content to hang out in his booster for a while afterward while we clean up the kitchen.  I can only imagine that he'll be even more content when he gets to explore food. I'm sure that will also add a whole new level of entertainment for us!

Tomorrow is Thursday which means story time!  Summer classes at the dance studio also started this week and I'm teaching 1:30-5 on Thursdays for the next 4 weeks.  I'll be teaching a few of my solo students from last year as well as a couple of cardio/flex classes.  I've done it every summer for a few years now and it's always a blast.  Maybe I'll be a group fitness instructor someday? :)


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  1. Can't wait to see how you and Ayden like the teething necklace! My son is only 1 month old now but I'd like to be prepared for teething. I know we"ll be there before I know it. Also, wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning with my cup of coffee! Keep up the good work :-)