Friday, July 6, 2012

No Stress Road Trip

Ayden and I had such a busy day preparing for our weekend trip! First, we took Maverick and Polly to the kennel. I'm sure I was quite a sight. I had Ayden in the Ergo, Polly in her carrier in one hand, Maverick's leash in the other and their bag of stuff on one shoulder.

Once we got them all squared away, we headed to David's parents' house to do their watering. Ayden fell asleep on the way there so I just rolled the car windows down and let him sleep while I watered the front yard since I could keep my eye on the car the whole time. When I was ready to move to the back, I brought Ayden with me. He, of course, woke from the squeak of the door opening so I put him in the Ergo. He watched me for a little while but then ended up finishing his nap. It took a while but I gave everything a good drink.

By this time it was around noon. I nursed and changed Ayden and we were off to conquer some more To Do's. We stopped by the library to pick up a book that was on hold and by the time we got home, he had fallen asleep again! Luckily he transitioned smoothly to his crib and got about another half hour of sleep in.

My goal for this trip was "no stress preparations." We thought realistically ahead and that's why we went to the grocery on Wednesday, did the food prep on Thursday which just left packing for Friday. I also made sure to sprinkle some house cleaning all along the way so that we will go home to a clean house. I am proud to report that I didn't feel stressed at all during the preparations for our first road trip with a baby. It totally pays to think ahead, get organized (I started making lists for EVERYTHING over a week ago) and stay focused.

I got everything packed from diapers to food and clothes for everyone. When David got home, I warmed up some leftovers for dinner while he got to work on packing the car. Another wonderful thing that lead to the low stress level of trip prep was that we hadn't set a strict departure time. We both moved quickly, and with purpose, but we had decided that there was no rush and we'd get on the road whenever we got on the road.

We left our house around 6:30, made it to our destination a little after 9 and Ayden slept the whole whole way! Here's hoping we get some sleep in our tent with the heat tonight!

~ Sarah

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!! Hope it's wonderful despite the heat.