Friday, July 20, 2012

Chomp Chomp


We are traveling to Nashville this weekend to partake in the bachelor/bachelorette festivities for some great friends of ours.

Ayden and I spent the day prepping for the trip...

"Helping" me do laundry :)
...and I have to say I wasn't as on top of things as I was a couple of weeks ago for the family reunion. It was also a floating head kind of day (when I'm so tired that I feel like a floating head and seem to walk in circles all day) so if David hadn't come home early from work to help out, who knows when we would have gotten on the road.

After my usual morning routine, plus a couple of extra loads of laundry, I took the pets to their boarding destinations (Mav to the kennel and Polly to my parents' house). On my way home, I stopped at the bank to get us some cash and by that time David was home and ready to come with us on a grocery run.

Our strict eating regimen hardly phases us during our everyday lives anymore but during social occasions and traveling it can definitely be inconvenient. That is not to say it isn't worth it, but it adds to the chaos of trip prep just the same. When we got home, David got to work on making a batch of paleo crunch cereal and rounding up the rest of the food and I started packing. We left the house at about 5:00 which was 2 hours later than we had anticipated.

We had a couple of stops to make and Ayden had fallen asleep in the Ergo right before we left and transitioned to his carseat very well so David hung with him in the car while I took care of an errand at the mall. While I was in line, David texted me and said that Ayden had woken up screaming and that he had cut a tooth! One day shy of his half birthday. No wonder Little Man has been so fussy lately. Hopefully now that it's through he'll get a little break before the next one comes. Not sure if it would be better to get them all over with at once or to have them come one at a time with breaks in between...  Lose, lose situation for the poor little guy if you ask me!

Can barely see it but it's the little white line right under his tongue!
The rest of the car ride was pretty brutal to be honest. I continued to feel like a floating head and added a terrible headache to that awesomeness. Ayden stayed awake the whole way which was fine for the first half of the trip but for the second half he was tired and eventually hungry and got the screams, which only made my headache worse! Then, to top it off I started getting car sick from sitting in the back, attempting to keep him as happy as I could.  It is so hard to pretend to have energy when you feel like poo.  As for feeding Ayden, since we were so close and I just wanted to get to the hotel ASAP, I got out my manual pump and started pumping.  The trouble was I waited a bit too long and when he saw me lift my shirt and unsnap my bra, he was ready to be nursed.  So I was feeding him an ounce at a time with one hand while I pumped with the other.  When he'd finish the ounce he was working on, and I'd take the bottle to refill it, he'd start crying.  I'm pretty sure he would have nursed (the bottle) to sleep if it had a full feeding in it.  We ended up pulling over and then he was just so excited to get out of his car seat that he didn't want to nurse anymore.  Silly boy...  He was definitely less than excited to get back into his car seat for the remainder of the ride but he finally gave in to sleep about 15 minutes before we arrived at the hotel, though not without a fight.  We were all SO OVER the car ride by the time we got to our hotel.

David made a ton of trips carrying all of our stuff in from the car but we finally got everything in to our room and are settled in for the night.  Ayden woke up on the way in and was so excited to see the new surroundings of the hotel room that it'll probably take a while to get him settled back in.  David's working on that as I type.

Tomorrow the festivities begin so we're hoping to get at least some sleep...  David is going to the bachelor party during the day.  They are getting a boat and spending the day on a lake.  The girls are meeting up later for a lingerie shower, dinner and a night of honkey tonkin'. The plan is for David and I to trade off with Ayden. I am pumping now and will after every feeding tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get two feedings worth to leave David with while I'm out with the girls.  It should be an interesting and hopefully fun weekend!

Ayden turns 6 months old tomorrow.  Can't believe it!



  1. Sometimes I read your posts and think "Are you kidding me? My son did that too." And I mean on the same day as Ayden. Maybe you remember that they have the same birthday. And sure enough, he did cut his first tooth yesterday, one day shy of being six months old.

  2. We live near Nashville, hope you guys have fun. The car rides will get easier, hang in there.