Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Months Old!

Today really snuck up on me! David texted me saying, "5 months today!" and it hadn't even crossed my mind. Luckily I had just changed his diaper and hadn't dressed him so I grabbed the camera and did our little monthly photo shoot.

5 Months Old!

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These little photo sessions are becoming interesting to say the least.  Ayden has discovered his owl friend and keeps scooting down  in the chair.  I was still able to catch some great shots!

As usual, Ayden is right on track with the standard 5 month developmental milestones.


We've been working on assisted sitting and he does very well. We can even let go for a couple of seconds if we position/balance him beforehand. He has mastered rolling back. As for emerging skills, he has found his feet, as well as his boy parts, but doesn't bring them to his mouth (his feet that is...). He thinks it's hilarious when we put his feet in his mouth and I bet he'll be doing it on his own in no time. He does not yet reach out to be picked up but we are very much looking forward to that milestone!

We had a special treat for story time today. A old high school friend of mine, Ashlie, and her little girl met up with us and then had lunch afterward. I actually have 3 friends from high school who, no matter how long we've been apart, I can pick back up right where we left off with and this gal is one of them.

We went and fed the ducks afterward as per usual and there was a mommy duck with TINY babies trailing behind her. I love baby animals and seeing them totally made my day! Then we went to Whole Foods for lunch.


Ashlie is 21 weeks pregnant and they just found out they are having a boy so her little girl was very interested in Ayden. She asked me if she could, "pet his head," and kept pointing out his, "little toes." It was adorable. It's always good to catch up and since she's been through all of the baby stuff before, and is about to again, we had a lot to talk about!

When we got home I tackled a few more chores around the house which finally got me caught up from the chaos of last weekend! Ayden hung out in the Moby while I prepped dinner and then we took a nice, long nap together.


When David got home, he put dinner in the oven while Ayden and I finished our nap. After dinner we took a walk and then met some friends at a local park for some disc golf. Ayden rode in our City Mini and was such a trooper!


We are loving David's new schedule and these long days of summer! It's hard to believe that this time next month will mark half of a year with Ayden in our lives! Since the dance season is over I don't have to go teach tomorrow night. Whatever will I do with myself?? I know that we are going to eat lunch with David tomorrow and then maybe we'll hit up BuyBuyBaby and Barnes and Noble because I have a couple of gift cards to use up.



  1. Ayden is growing up so fast! He is incredibly cute ;) I just found out Tuesday that I'm having a little boy too. :)

  2. Taking his picture each month with the same stuffed animal is such a great idea!! I wish I had seen this 8 months ago. Oh well, maybe with the next one ;)