Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Every Age and Every Stage

Enjoying some diaper free time to really practice his moves!
 I had such a productive day! It seems as though sitting up has given Ayden a whole new reason to play independently. Before, he was ready to see the world from an upright position but couldn't do it on his own so he was depending more on us to help him. It was fun and all but it also made it difficult to get anything done. Today, I was able to sit him up with some toys, with the Boppy behind him as a safety net, and stuff diapers, fold and put away clothes, as well as a few other things. It was great! We also rolled a ball back and forth a little which was a lot of fun too!!

Enjoying a whole new world of play!
Naps went a little more smoothly today as well. I decided that we need to gradually work back to independent napping, but after going all of recital week with a very unpredictable nap routine he's just not having it. So I bounced him on my stability ball until he was almost asleep and then tried laying him down. I had to pick him up and put him back down a couple times but the overall time spent getting him to sleep was a lot less and the whole process was much more enjoyable for both of us. My plan is to lay him down sooner each day until I'm not needing to bounce him at all.

Along with sitting up, Ayden has also developed more stamina for his door jumper. I set it up downstairs today while I ran the vacuum and he was content in it the whole time. It is still more of a door spinner but we're working on the jumping. He was just as happy to hang out "literally" and watch me and Maverick while I worked.

I've said it before and I know I'll say it time and time again but every stage so far has been my favorite. When Ayden was a newborn, I wanted him to stay my tiny newborn forever. Now that he smiles, laughs, reaches out for us and everything else he finds interesting, sits up, and has become a very active member of our little family I can't imagine going back to the newborn stage. He's our little sweetie and has changed our lives in amazing ways!


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