Sunday, June 17, 2012

David's First Father's Day!

Today was David's first Father's day!  Several unexpected recital related to do's and my latest bout of mastitis almost kept me from making his father's day gift.  When we got home last night and I had gotten Ayden to bed and published the blog I sat at my desk in my office and went back and forth about what to do...  I knew Ayden would probably be asleep for a while (ended up being five and a half hours!) so my choices were possibly the most sleep I've gotten in a while or make it happen.  

I chose make it happen and it was so worth it!  The thought that made up my mind was the fact that this was the only FIRST Father's Day that David would ever have.   I wanted him to have a special memento and it just wouldn't have been the same if he got it the next day.  I ended up getting to bed at 2am but I was so happy with the finished product that I didn't mind one bit!  

I got David to do his handprint in black paint over a week ago and then had my mom help me do Ayden's handprint in white over top, though it's kind of hard to see, before I came home sick on Friday.   We already had the frame from my flea market haul so all I had to do was choose the pictures I wanted, convert them to black and white, print them, cut them out and arrange them.  It took about an hour total and only cost $4 (the price of the frame) since I already had all of the other supplies. 

As for Father's Day festivities, David chose to golf at his favorite course in the state.

Ayden and I rode along and aside from a downpour about half way through the front nine, it was a great and peaceful morning!  Ayden even got in a good nap and fed twice right there in the cart.  He even had a golf cart cloth diaper change.  Who says you can breastfeed or cloth diaper anytime or anywhere?!? :) 

 The cutest part was how Ayden didn't take his eyes off David as he'd walk away from the cart and then would look surprised when he'd hear the club hit the ball.  I think he's already taking an interest in golf.  Maybe this can become a Father's Day tradition for them.  I'll go along for the next year or two but after awhile, maybe it will become their "thing."  Who knows?

We went straight to the grocery from golfing because we usually go on Saturdays but didn't this week because of recital.  The lesson I learned is that I really need to look at our calendar while meal planning and be realistic about any events on our schedule.  If I had thought it through clearly, I would have gotten David's gift made before recital week and would have gotten us enough groceries to last through Sunday morning.  Since the beginning of time (or my life at least), nothing but recital related to do's get done the week of recital...

While at the grocery, we picked up enough ingredients to triple our favorite meal because we were headed to my parents' house to cook dinner for everyone.  

It was a hit!  Ayden sat in a high chair for the first time and played while we cooked, until all of his grandparent's and aunties were ready to get their hands on him :).

As I type this, I am sitting at our kitchen table watching lightning bugs twinkle out our back door and after a good day with family it is just one more thing to remind me that life is so good.  We had several moments today when we looked at Ayden and said to  each other, "We have a son!" or "He's ours, we get to keep him!"  

What were your family's Father's Day festivities like?  Did you ever make a special first Father's Day gift for your hubby?


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  1. I didn't make anything but I did buy a framed photo of sunrise on the morning of our sons birth. There is a company here in the UK that goes to the beach every morning to catch the first glimpse of sunlight. It's handwritten title is Jack's First Day' along with the date and my husband loved it!