Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smooth Sailing

Righty was already feeling better when I woke up this morning! I have to admit that it's sometimes very difficult to get away from a Western medicine mindset. It was hard to believe that I am truly fighting an infection as I sprinkle lecithin onto 3 meals a day. I'm so used to popping pills from a pharmacy... Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for Western medicine (Ayden's birth story can attest to that) but David and I like to give nutrition and supplements a chance before putting anything synthetic in our bodies. Seriously after just one dose of the lecithin, and a pretty decent broken night's sleep (thank you, Ayden), the redness was gone; and after a few more, the pain and swelling were subsiding as well. I'm not back to normal but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

We hyper scheduled ourselves, as per usual for a Saturday...

This morning, we attended a big community bicycling event in our town. The whole thing was 8 miles but since Ayden is still a bit young for the trailer, and because he fell asleep in a very uncomfortable looking position, we took the shortcut back after just 2.5 miles. It was the perfect length for this stage of our lives. Ayden seemed to like it (since he fell asleep and all...) and we felt like we got out and did something fun like we always said we'd keep doing after Ayden was born.

He must not have been as uncomfortable as he looked because he was ASLEEP when we got back to the car. He snuggled on my shoulder while David packed the bikes and trailer into the car, and on David's shoulder while I put on the Moby. Since we were already down town, we headed straight for the Farmer's Market.

We always do a walk around where we heck out each vendor before making any actual purchases. The funniest Moby related comment of the day was, "Oh! I thought you had two heads for a second there...". Our purchases included a post bike ride snack of fresh peaches that were so juicy and sweet.

 I just love fresh fruit in the summer! There were also people out singing and selling their art. There's just a great energy about the farmer's market that makes us so happy. Ayden finally woke up ad we were leaving so we headed back to the car for his post bike ride snack. Here's a sweet clip of David and Ayden after he finished his feeding:

After the farmer's market we filled the rest of our day with grocery shopping, visiting with our parents and playing with this sweet baby:

We ended the evening with a cookout with a couple of or favorite people and stayed at their house talking until about 10:30pm. I've learned the hard way a couple of times that if we are going to be out past 7:30 we MUST pack Ayden's nighttime diaper and PJs. I changed him into them and once he fell asleep he slept on David while we all hung out and chatted. We had a nice, smooth transition to the carseat, made it home, had one more nursing session and now we are going to bed. I shall always remember to pack nighttime essentials!!

We plan to make up for today's crazy, busy schedule with a stay home day tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually take a nap whenever Ayden does?!?

What did you learn to always pack the hard way??


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