Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pajama Day!

That's right! The Ladnier family lounged in our PJs all day today. It was pretty fantastic! Well... Ayden eventually had to have a wardrobe change due a spit up explosion that also got my shorts, leg, foot, cellphone and the carpet on the stairs. Yeah, I'd say that explosion adequately describes it.

Our cutie in his fresh onsie...
David and I took turns working on projects while the other played with Ayden. When Ayden was ready for his early afternoon nap we took the opportunity for a family nap. Ayden and I napped for almost 2 hours and David joins us for the second half. I got up before the boys and while I was in the next room I heard Ayden start to fuss and then stop all of the sudden. When I came in to see if maybe he had fallen back to sleep, I found them hanging out awake together. David said all he had to do was let Ayden know he was there and he immediately stopped fussing and starting chattering away like he does in the mornings. The nap was so long he may have actually felt like it was morning. Though it is pretty normal for a baby to be comforted by the presence of his parents, it is surreal for us that we play that roll for Ayden. Sometimes, even after 5 months, it still surprises us at times that he's ours to keep.

My snoozing boys!
Staying on the topic of sleep, Ayden has started fighting it hard core. He used to only fight his late afternoon nap but now it's every. single. one. It can be so frustrating so it is important to remind ourselves that besides teething, a) he has recently learned a new skill (sitting up) which can often change sleep habits. Who would want to sleep when you could finally sit up and play with your toys? And b) he still isn't completely back on routine from the crazy recital week when he was either in the car or a wrap for every nap. Of course he may object to falling asleep on his own after a week of that. Consistency is the key so we shall continue to take deep breaths, call on each other for backup when needed and patiently remind Ayden of the ways of the past that he used to know. He has also gone back to a 3 hour wake up schedule the past few nights so it's possible that a growth spurt is involved as well.  Maybe?  I try to add in extra feedings during the day when this happens and "tank him up," as The Baby Whisperer advises, in the few hours leading up to bedtime; but Ayden spits up SOOO much as it is and extra feedings only make it worse. We will admit that the we are beyond ready for the spit up train to leave the station. Because of the spit up issue I'm afraid that I just have to let him get those extra calories at night when he needs them.  We asked his pediatrician when we might begin to see a decrease in his spitting up and he said in the next couple of months.  We are counting down the days!!

While I was pregnant, I went to a huge consignment event in my area. That's where I purchased my breast pump and Moby D which would have both been worth every penny brand new so buying them used at such a discount was like a triple bonus! I also purchased a frame backpack that has been waiting on the shelf in Ayden's closet until today!!

We had been wondering for a couple of weeks now whether or not Ayden had grown into it yet. We decided to get it out and give it a little test run and it's perfect! He was so cute in it. If you've been following this blog for a while then you know that Ayden is well versed in the ways of baby wearing. I can probably count the days he hasn't been worn on my two hands as we try to do it at least once a day. When he got in the backpack he checked it out a little at first and then settled in and acted just like he does any other time he's worn. It's almost like he goes into his own little baby wearing world. He watches whatever is going on around him quietly and contentedly and only has a change in facial expression if you sing him his favorite songs or get in front of a mirror and start acting super silly. He just hung out with David and watched while he did some stuff in the kitchen. The best part was when Ayden eventually reached out to play with David's hair or pat in his shoulder. It was so cute! It was also cute that David went to look in the mirror 3 or 4 times. I could definitely tell they were both enjoying the experience. I think we have some hiking in our future!

"What?  I can't help myself..."
After dinner I decided to try a new healthy, yet decadent, dessert that I found on Pinterest.

The original recipe was a bit bitter in my opinion (maybe a little too much cocoa powder?) but after adding a good amount of honey, it hit the spot.


Ayden has already woken up twice since we put him to bed at 8 so I'm hoping that tonight doesn't end up being too rough on me! One thing that I've heard many times before and am finally beginning to accept is that "the only constant in life is change" and I think the part that was left out of the well known quote is "especially when it comes to babies." Just when everything falls into place, they start to teeth, hit a growth spurt, etc. and you're back to the drawing board just like that. As a parent it definitely keeps you on your toes!  None of that matters, though, when your baby looks you right in the eye, smiles and reaches out to touch you and you know that you are one of the most important people in his little life.



  1. That dessert looks great! I started paleo 14 days ago and am loving it so far. I believe the key is definitely planning and giving yourself variety so you don't get bored. I wanted to share with you. I'm not sure if you have read it before, but she has some pretty amazing recipes and you can click under the Paleo category for all those. Delish!

  2. I totally agree with you on the topic of change. In all the reading I've done before and since having my son, one thing that stuck out was that it takes a couple of years before a child is fully set in a solid sleep pattern. I think that has everything to do with teething and hitting developmental milestones. I think you're handling it well though. I was like you in trying to make sure that no matter what happened or changed with my son, I always try to stay consistent and once we get through a rough patch he usually falls right back into his pattern. Good luck! You seem to have a great partner backing you up :)