Monday, June 18, 2012

Shades, Juice and Rolling Back

Today was a little crazy...

I cancelled Little Miss because my oldest sister was still in town and our house looked like this:

Lucky for me, I had a little helper and got it somewhat back in order.

The reality is that Ayden was a bit fussy, I think due to a combo of teething and too-short of a morning nap, and the only way I really got the kitchen cleaned was keeping Maverick in the room as entertainment for him. 

He is MESMERIZED by the pets!

After a weekend full of illness, recital and Father's Day, to say our house was neglected is a bit of an under statement...

Ayden also fought every nap today, probably due to being way off of his routine all weekend, which made it challenging for me to tackle the housework. Once I got him down for his morning nap for the second time, I texted David and said, "If he doesn't stay asleep this time, we're getting out of the house. If I can't work on it, I can't be here...". Yup. That's how bad it was.

He stayed asleep, but only for 30 minutes and that was the length of every nap he attempted today. Lucky for me, it seems as though he sleeps better after an exhausting day.  We shall see!

We spent the afternoon at the mall with my mom and sisters. I bought a new pair of sunglasses and a fancy new case for them from Aldo:

Glasses: $12, Case $8
 ...and a new brow pencil from Clinique. I also tried Jamba Juice for the first time:

...and got to watch Ayden somehow manage to get his feet into the action with his car seat toy:

This kid needs a kicking toy of some sort!
One of my sister's has a beach house in the Hampton's and she's invited the family to join her this weekend. David and I declined the invitation so I'm not going (the kennel stay for Mav + gas cost = not in our current budget), but my mom and sisters were buying stuff to prepare for their trip. Once I parted ways with them, I got to my exit and realized that there were no car keys in the stroller parent tray where I left them... I back tracked to all the stores we had visited.  I ended up finding them at Victoria's Secret which I skipped going into the first time I passed thinking they definitely weren't dropped in there.  Always in the last place you look. ;)

When we FINALLY made it home, David and I watched Ayden as he played on the floor in our office and I'm proud to report that he has officially mastered rolling back.  He did it for the first time weeks ago and has done it every now and then since but he was still getting "stuck" on his belly most of the time.  Now maybe floor play will be a bit more enjoyable for him now that he has more control of his perspective of the world.

Our new PlanetWise pail liner in "Hoot"
The company sent it to me to review :)
I should also mention that it's pointless for us to lay him on a mat or blanket of any sort because he just rolls or helicopters his way off after a few minutes.  Guess we'll be collecting even more spit up on our carpet.

We ended the evening with a family walk, dinner and computer time.  I'm SOOO ready for our lives to get back to normal.  I feel like I'm saying that all the time!  I'm still a bit sick (who gets a cold in June?!?) so I'm hoping to get a lot of rest tomorrow as well as finishing putting the house back together.

I shall leave you with a funny clip of Ayden exploring his mouth with his tongue.  It was filmed on Saturday at the recital.  He's such a funny little dude :). My niece, who is 4 months older, wants to explore his face as much as he wants to explore his mouth.  He didn't seem to mind, I think he's going to be a tough guy!


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