Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Time

Today was a little better overall but we're definitely still teething over here. We know he will have symptoms on and off until a tooth actually breaks through and we also know that symptoms can be present for a few days, then subside for a few only to return and start the cycle over again. This being said, we're just going to take it day by day until we make it through. I'm not sure what we'd prefer (if we were to have a choice in the matter) have all the teeth come in at once just to get it all over with or have them come one at a time with breaks in between...

I've truly been enjoying the improvement in the sleep department! Just in case it's temporary I celebrate every consecutive hour of sleep that I get. We're still at the 4/4.5 hour mark but just a few weeks ago it was only 1.5-2 so I can't complain! I've still needed naps, whether I manage to take them or not, but even if I don't get one I never feel like a floating head by the end of the day.

Today was a Little Miss day and I got both of them to sleep for their morning naps at the same time.  I considered joining them but decided to take some time for myself instead.  I laid in my bed listening to an audio book (Delerium) and did some computer work.  It was a tiny reminder of what downtime was like pre-baby and was nice.  Ayden slept for about an hour (!!) and Little Miss for about an hour and a half.  It really was perfect because I had just enough time to nurse Ayden, change his diaper, read him a book and play with him a little before Little Miss was up and ready for lunch.

After lunch we headed to Target to get David some BPA free water bottles and a few other odds and ends.  I met my sister and her kiddos there and we meandered around for about an hour together.  Nothing like sister time and retail therapy in one fell swoop.

Ayden was asleep before we even got out of the Target parking lot.  I dropped Little Miss off at her family's store at 2 and then came home to tackle a few chores.  I am still playing catchup from last weekend.  Everything is slowly coming together and our bedroom is the only room left.  My desk in our office could use a de-clutter as well but that will only take a couple of minutes once I get started.

Ayden was pretty patient while I ran the vacuum, stuffed diapers and put away some of his laundry.  Then we moved down stairs and he hung out in the Moby while I unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and got dinner started.  

David moved his alarm clock across the room and has been getting up an hour earlier! He's also staying up 30-45 minutes later at night.  He was feeling like he didn't have enough time for everything he was wanting to accomplish while he wasn't at work and sleep just happened to be the only thing that he could sacrifice.  Yesterday was his first day of the schedule change and he was tired.  Today was a little better so we're hoping by the end of the week his body will have adjusted.  I told him I was confident that it would since I am the queen of half way functioning on very little sleep :).

You may be wondering what we've been doing with the extra time together in the evenings?

He's loving ice in the mesh feeder!
Now Ayden is in bed, I am typing this post and David is working out. To complete the evening, David and I are going to get in bed, eat some dark chocolate and read. I am relaxing just thinking about it! I think this extra time thing just might work out :).


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