Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Under the Weather

Poor Ayden was a bit fussy all day today. Kind of funny that I just typed that sentence after talking about how happy he always is in yesterday's post... He wasn't crying, he just wanted to be held all day.  I don't know if it was something to do with the vaccine he got yesterday or if it was the fact that all of his naps were short today.  My bet is it was the naps but it's really hard for me to be consistent with his naps on Little Miss days.  

The weather was so pleasant today that we went for a really long morning walk.  Ayden fell asleep in the Moby toward the beginning of the walk and Little Miss fell asleep in the stroller later in the walk.  By the time we were half way home, Ayden woke up and I was a little worried that he would want out of the wrap before we got home.  When he started to fuss, I started singing to him and the cutest thing happened!  He leaned back, looked up at me and smiled his biggest smile.  He always just looks side to side in the wraps and likes to look at us in mirrors but he's never leaned back to make direct eye contact while hanging in the Moby.  It was yet another moment during which I fell even more in love with him.  He kept doing it all the way home and did it again later in the day when I was wearing him.  I so hope it's a new "thing."

By the end of the day today, I was feeling really crumby.  My throat was hurting a little, it felt like from drainage, and my head was pounding.  I drank some extra water, ate a snack, took a couple of supplements that usually help with headaches with no success.  I think something that would have helped a lot was a nap but it just wasn't in the cards for me today.  By the time David got home I felt like a floating head and could hardly keep my thoughts together.  Ayden sure cheered up when he got home though!

We had to rush through dinner because I had to go to the dance studio to be in the faculty picture for the recital program and was just feeling worse and worse.  When we got home, in a last ditch effort, I had a bowl of paleo crunch cereal and it totally revived me!  I wondered if maybe I didn't eat enough protein today but we had plenty of protein at dinner (chicken), so David suggested that it must have been the honey.  One of the best things about eating a paleo-like lifestyle is the fact that it keeps your blood sugar leveled out but somehow today I had a dip.  Maybe my milk supply recently increased?  I'm just glad I decided to have that pre-bedtime snack because it made me feel like a whole new person!

Since we were going to be gone past Ayden's bedtime, I packed his PJs and Nighttime diaper and David changed him into them while I was getting the photo taken.  He fell asleep on the way home, had a pretty smooth transition to bed when we got here and has been asleep since.  We don't usually like doing extra stuff on week nights because that time is so precious to us.  Here it is after 10:00 and we are just now settling in to bed.  The next few nights won't be much better since all of the recital shenanigans will be under way but after Saturday things will be back to normal.  

Tomorrow I am going to pick my nephew up (my sister's the one that is in charge of said recital), take him with us to story time, then keep him with me for the day until it's time to go to the recital venue for leotard rehearsal.  Should be fun!


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