Saturday, June 9, 2012


We had a reunion with the couples we met during our childbirth class today.

 It was so wonderful to be around so many people who are going through the same ups and downs of new parenthood as us. As we saw all of our babies circled around it was bazaar to think of how the last time they were circled around they were in belly form.

We will definitely try to get all of these wonderful folks together again.

I could have stayed at our meet up all day but our dance recital is coming up next weekend and I had a leotard rehearsal to attend. We went home , had lunch, restocked the diaper bag and headed out again. Ayden enjoyed the music and watching the dancers but I think it eventually became a little over stimulating. He took his nap a half hour early and slept for a LONG time like he always does in over stimulating situations. It's neat how babies have a built in standby mode for such circumstances.

After the rehearsal, we headed straight to David's parents' house for a Belmont party. This is horse country after all! We were bummed to hear that "I'll Have Another" was injured and was no longer in the race for the Triple Crown. My dad told us there hasn't been a triple crown winner since 1978. We had another hat drawing and Ayden's horse came in 2nd. We got $6 to put in his piggie bank!

We've gotten pretty good at planning ahead and taking all of Ayden's nighttime gear with us when we're going to be out past his bedtime. We got him ready and we took turns snuggling him as he snoozed on our chests while we hung out.

We just got home and now i'm going to try to get Ayden to take a dream feed and get us all to bed. It ended up being a very busy but really great day!


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