Friday, June 22, 2012

Sitting Tall

Look who's sitting tall!!
 We've been working with Ayden on sitting up all month and guess what happened the day after his 5 month birthday??  I typically support him with the Boppy or my lap/hands/etc. but today I thought I'd challenge him to sit on his own and he did it!  At first (the picture above) it was just a few seconds but by the end of the day he was actually sitting for a minute or two.  He also does better on the bed which comes in handy when he does eventually fall over.

Ayden is absolutely adorable in the mornings.  He wakes up smiley and is super quiet at first.  I feed him and after about 10 minutes or so, he's ready to warm up his voice and today this is what it sounded like:

I remember making that creaky noise with my voice for fun when I was little.  So funny to hear a baby do it!  I think the cutest part is that he put himself back to sleep doing it and slept for another hour.

While he slept I got ready and had breakfast.  Usually when he falls asleep after a feeding I just feed him again after he wakes up and even if he just eats a little he's still back on his EASY routine.  This morning he wasn't hungry and didn't eat so he was a little off for the rest of the day.  The good thing that I've learned is that if he gets off for a day we just get back on the next and it doesn't seem to affect anything.  When he finally woke up we took Mav for his morning walk:

Mean Muggin'
And then played until we went to eat lunch with David at work.

 When David got home Ayden took a monster afternoon nap and then we went to the pool.  Ayden is such a water baby!  I took a little yellow ball with us just in case he might be interested and he LOVED fishing for it in the water. 
We are ending the evening as we do most Friday night's with dinner and a movie.  Ayden is asleep on David's chest, which is probably David's most favorite part of Fridays.  He misses him throughout the week so it's kind of their little Friday night tradition.  Instead of putting Ayden to bed, we get him to sleep and settled with David on the couch.  It's pretty sweet. <3

We are looking forward to a weekend at home!!  Bring on the projects and productivity.  Ha, never thought I'd be so excited about such things...  I guess I really am an adult now!


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  1. Aw, Ayden is such a big boy! My son used to make that sound when he was about the same age. I thought it was hilarious :) You three are such a sweet little family!