Friday, June 8, 2012

More Everyday

We fall in love with this guy a little more (or maybe a lot more...) everyday!!

Getting sleepy in his swing while I showered this morning
We had such a great day today.  After my shower this morning I put Ayden in his crib a half hour before I was expecting him to go down for his morning nap, just to see what would happen (whether he'd put himself to sleep or not).  It ended up being pretty adorable.  He played for a while, trying to pick up the sports balls off of his sheets and "talking" to his toys and books.  He's taken a great interest in his soother.  I show him how I push all the buttons to make all the different sounds and then he'll lie there and pat it with his hands.  He actually managed to push one of the buttons and switched it from nature sounds to the music we play at night and he was so surprised and then smiled so big.  I like that he'll be able to push the buttons himself someday to choose what he listens to as he winds down.  He's well on his way!  Here's a clip of him being a cutie in his crib before nap time:

I'm totally a member of the mamarazzi.  I was stuffing diapers on the floor next to his crib and he didn't realize I had stopped to watch him until a little later into filming. He was just minding his own business playing and being his adorable little self. 

Once he got sleepy, I brought the stuff I needed to fix my hair into his bathroom where he could see me and sang "Baby Mine" over and over to him while I finished getting ready.  He laid there on his belly, listening, and looking at me through the crib slats until he drifted off to sleep.  I'm not a great singer but when I sing to him I feel like Celine Dion or some other fabulous singer :).  

That's one thing I always loved about being a teacher.  I could always count on my students to compliment my singing, nail polish, etc. and I always got hugs all day long.  Who wouldn't love a job like that?  They always made me feel so good.  Who cares if they were the opinions of 5 year olds :).  Now,  I have a son who gives me those same warm fuzzies all day long.  It's awesome!

We have another busy weekend ahead so Ayden and I tackled our weekly grocery trip today and then headed straight to the town where I teach dance.  It was hard to get any work done because Ayden wasn't amused with any of the various baby "entertainers" that are available there.  He didn't like the play mat, bouncy seat, swing or exer-saucer.  He wanted to be in my arms.  I wore him in the Lotus hold while I choreographed some arms, then I took him out to just hold him and he was so playful.  I would make him "ride" on my leg or would make him fly around and he would just laugh and laugh.  

We have so many moments everyday that help our bond deepen and I see it happening with him and David too.  He has added this whole new dimension to our lives that has been both challenging and wonderful all at the same time.  We love him so much and we can't wait to fall in love with him a little (or a lot) more tomorrow and everyday after that!


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