Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Splish Splash!

<3 Oh man this kid is such a cutie!! <3
I actually took time to workout today!  When we were at our friends' house the other night, I was talking about how if I am to take the time to workout right now, I want it to be fun, high energy and distracting; as apposed to the "hard work" I used to enjoy pre/during pregnancy.  I had mentioned wanting to try Turbo Fire because I had heard great things about how intense/fun it was.  Win, win if you ask me!!  Lucky for me, they had some Turbo Jam DVDs, which are made by the same folks as Turbo Fire.  They weren't using them so they sent me home with all of them (along with Hip Hop Hustle and Hip Hop Abs).

This morning, I got Ayden down for his morning nap and immediately started the 50 minute workout.

Well... immediately after snapping this pic :).
He slept for about 45 minutes so I definitely got a good workout in and broke a nice sweat!   It felt pretty good and it was a lot of fun.  Poor Maverick was excited by all of my kickboxing/dancing in the middle of the living room and proceeded to get every toy he owns out of his toy basket, bringing them to me  thinking I was wanting to play.  I played with him as much as one could while working out because I know that the attention we pay to him has definitely decreased since Ayden's arrival and he was being so cute. I think it made his day.  I need to bring my pet owner hat a little closer to the top of all these hats I'm wearing these days...

Ayden needed a bath today, he spits up A LOT and it always runs down his neck getting caught in his little fat folds and behind his ears.  He also has some cradle cap that is still working its way out.  Before a bath I take a one of those little brush/sponges that the hospital sends home with you and exfoliate his scalp, then wash all the dead skin away.  

After his bath I coat his head with Grandma El's all natural diaper ointment.  Though it is marketed for diaper rash prevention/healing, it is also good for any skin moisturizing you may want to do.  I've had a few people tell me to just use Selson Blue on it but it only rates a 6/10 for health on Goodguide.com and Grandma El's gets an 8/10 so we'll just stick with that and be patient.  It doesn't seem to bother Ayden at all; so we'll just take our time and take care of it as naturally as possible.  At the rate we're going, I think it'll be gone in a couple of weeks.

Ayden's in an akward stage for bathing at the moment.  He isn't a huge fan of lying back in his infant bath seat.  He does these funny little baby sit-ups while he tries to sit up and get in on the action.  I think he'll be much happier in his bath seat once he's able to sit up on his own.

He was cracking me up with the way he was straightening his legs and sticking his little feet into the air.  Our boy sure LOVES baths!  He is obsessed with the shampoo rinse cup that we have.  As of right now, we just fill it up and pour the water over his hands, feet and belly.  As soon as he sees it he's reaching for it wanting to get his hands on it and he even fussed when I put it down.  I think he's going to be one of those kids who will spend hours playing in the tub if we let him!  

When David got home, we ate dinner then headed to one of Davids co-workers houses for a seed/plant swap party.  We didn't stay long because David wanted to get a workout in and Ayden was turning into a pumpkin.  Bedtime went smoothly but about 45 minutes after he went to sleep he woke up crying.  We don't know what woke him up.  A bad dream maybe?  We tried everything in the book, besides feeding him since he had just eaten an hour and a half before, with no luck.  Do you know what finally did the trick?  Our wedding song that I talked about in my Magical Music post back in February. The magic that song has on him still amazes me.  I wonder what it will mean to him when he's older...

He listened to it three times total.  The first calmed him down, during the second he rolled over on his tummy quietly listening, and during the third time, he drifted back to sleep. Now it's time to read some Catching Fire and go to bed ourselves.  Goodnight Moon!


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