Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're Okay!

I had a revelation today... We are okay!! :)

It's not that I ever felt like we weren't. I know that the bottom line is love when it comes to raising a child and there's plenty of that flowing over here at our house.

Since love is all you really need, I was never too worried about our ability to raise our little man, but there isn't a single mom I know, myself included, who doesn't worry a little too much about doing it "right." 

Don't get me wrong. I think it would be a big mistake to never seek knowledge and advice from authors and other mothers who've been through it all before. But that's just it. Nobody's been through it all. Nobody can know your baby better than you. I have read several books, watched my fair share of YouTube mommy vlogs and have saught advice from other mothers I know and do you know what? There is way too much information and way too many methods to even know where to begin.  I think the best thing to do is take in what you can, without overwhelming yourself, apply what you want and realize that "they" are right when they say, "just follow your instincts."

I look at Ayden and I see such a sweet, happy baby.  He practically fell into his own routine that allows us to not only know what he wants when he's trying to communicate with us, but we are also able to predict those wants before he even realizes he wants them.  Is this to say it is always easy or that we always get it right?  Absolutely not!  Ayden even had a small meltdown on our way home from running errands today.  But I knew exactly why he was melting down and knew what he needed to help settle him.  Because I knew my baby, I was able to keep my cool and we made it through the meltdown. I truly believe if any mommy tunes in, she can learn her baby.

I think the important thing for all the new parents out there, or any parents for that matter, to remember is: if your baby is content for most of his/her waking hours and your family has fallen into a groove, it is safe to say that you are doing it right!  Whether you co or crib sleep, baby wear or stroller push, whether your baby takes five 30 minute naps or two hour long naps, if it's working for you it is right!   You can see it as: there is no "right," or everyone is "right" but you just have to follow your instincts and you and your baby will be okay!! 

I made a promise to myself today.  I am going to stop worrying about what is "right" and start focusing on all the little things that are already in place that are rigth for us.  I plan to just take it one day at a time and enjoy every second of it!

After having lunch with David at work today, Ayden and I went to a flea market in town.  It was just as overwhelming as all the parenting methods that are out there to choose from.  We were there for an hour and a half, trying to hunt down picture frames for the house, and we still didn't even scrape the surface of what that place has to offer.  We will definitely be going back.  While we were walking around, Ayden got sleepy but there was so much to look at that he just wouldn't go to sleep. 

Cute, sleepy baby!

By the time we found some frames, purchased them and were on the road back home, he was about 30 minutes past naptime and that's when he proceeded to have the afore mentioned meltdown.  Over-tired = end of the world to Ayden.  We took a nap together and when he woke up he was all smiles like it never even happened.  Little squirt!

Here was my favorite purchase at the flea market.  I had my eye out for this very thing and it was one of the first items I laid eyes on.  I was pinspired by this pin and plan to make it into a dry erase command center of sorts. 

Can't wait to get it up and running!



  1. You are do right about your little guy! You know best and always will! You are his momma after all. :)
    Can't wait to see the project you have in store for that command center :) sounds fun!

  2. That's a good place to be! It's true, at the end of the day you are his Mama and you will always know him best.

  3. I'm so happy to read this post! I had the same realization about a year ago when my little girl was about 4 months too. She seemed to be doing everything "opposite" of every other baby and book and I finally made myself stop reading and stop asking and just listen to the baby in my arms. I knew her better than anyone else and she was telling me exactly what she needed (and still is!!). Good for you! You are mom/dad and you know best! Trust your gut and go with what is working :)