Friday, June 29, 2012

Hawaii Day

Getting harder to snap pictures of him without his fingers in his mouth! :)
David had a wonderful surprise for us today!  He took a half day at work and came home so we could spend the afternoon at my parent's pool!  After he called to give me the good news, I spent the rest of the morning getting the house in order for the weekend.  I find that if I vacuum and straighten up and we go into the weekend with a clean slate, it's not too overwhelming to put back together on Mondays.
Buddies hanging out while I vacuumed.
 David and I went to Maui for our honeymoon and for the rest of that summer, we'd spend every Saturday at my parents' house by their pool and called it "Hawaii Day."  It was fun to bring Ayden along with us today and maybe we'll start making a new Saturday tradition.

(I got pictures too but they are on our nice camera.  You know how that goes...)

The sun and all the playing really tuckered Ayden out!  He was asleep before we even got his car seat into the car.

It was so hot that I put him in the Ergo instead of a wrap while I made dinner.  He watched me for a while and then gave in for another nice, long nap.

Sleepy baby in one of his favorite places to be!
Now in true Friday night fashion, we are watching a Red Box movie while Ayden sleeps on David's chest.  It was such a great fun family day.  



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