Saturday, June 16, 2012

Show Time!

I made it to the show! My fever broke at about 3:30 this morning and I woke up in a pool of sweat just like I was hoping. I was so glad that all of the supplements worked and I was able to avoid taking the antibiotic.

Ayden resisted his morning nap so luckily David took over so I could start to get ready. He got him to sleep for me so I took my shower and just as I was starting to fix my hair my sisters FaceTimed me. We decided to do a dance dedicated to our mom at the last minute and they had gotten together this morning to choreograph it and they wanted to teach it to me. By the end of our FaceTime conversation I still didn't really know the dance and was running about 20 minutes late. It also didn't help that Ayden woke up while we were face timing, so when I did finally get around to getting ready, I had to do it while taking care of him at the same time which always makes everything twice as long.

Though I was late, I made it in time for my own students which is obviously the most important thing so no real harm was done. As always the show went off without a hitch! I was so glad that my friend Whitney had decided to come to the show. Along with my fellow alum, Jessica and Sarah, she kind of ended up being Aydens babysitter. This wasn't the original plan, but since I had that dance to learn she ended up being a lifesaver!!

Our dance, along with an alumni rose ceremony, were the big surprises for my mom for the 40th anniversary of her dance studio. She was so touched and every second of all of it was so worth it! When a child grows up in any team sport, in our case dance, your fellow dancers become like sisters and your dance teacher becomes like a second mom (if she's not your mom already). It was so neat to see all the alumni lined up ready to honor "Ms. Jane" and I never minded sharing my mom with any of them!

Here are a couple of cell phone shots of our number.  I'm on the right in the top picture and on the far left in the bottom picture.

Ayden was such a trooper all night. He love seeing all the lights and bright colored costumes on the stage. I had a cute little Tuxedo bib for him for the finale of the show and he got to go out on stage with me and the audience just ooo'd and awe'd over how cute he was. I wish I could've gotten a better picture but by the time we were in better lighting he had fallen asleep.

We always go out to dinner after the show and that's when our boys met up with us. David got Ayden back to sleep again and he slept in his carseat in the Snap and Go while we shared a rib eye steak. So. Good. Overall the entire night was a huge success and now it is time to rest!

Tomorrow is David's first Father's Day! We have an 11 o'clock tee time at his favorite golf course scheduled for him. There's supposed to be some rain tomorrow so I sure hope the weather holds out! It poured on Mother's Day and we decided to postpone my flower shopping spree. I hope the same doesn't happen to David!

~ Sarah

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